What does your Research Application Journey look like?

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Do you want to apply for research funding? Maybe you have seen a great funding opportunity and you need to know how much to apply for. The Bid Support Team will work with you to cost your funding bid and guide you through the application process. Here is what you can expect.

Bid Application - Preparation Stage

Bid Application - Costing Stage

Bid Application - Approvals Stage

Bid Application- Application Stage

Prepare to apply for funding

Notify your RI Director of your intent to apply the first instance. Arrange a discussion about the scope of your project. Every RI has a protocol (PDF) to follow.

Read the funding guidance

This will tell you:

* The T&Cs of the grant

* Exactly what will be funded

* What should be included in your application

Contact the Bid Support Unit (BSU)

The Research Support Officers (RSOs) can arrange an initial chat to determine what is required and offer guidance so you know what to include.

Please let us know how we can support you by filling in our simple form

Get your bid costed

Your RSO will provide a costing schedule (PDF) for your project. This is calculated using vProject.

The costing schedule

It will tell you the project budget, calculated in line with the specific conditions that may be attached to the grant. The RSO may offer advice on your proposed costs.

Finalise your costing

This can be revised a number of times in accordance with the needs of your proposal. You may need to discuss the costing with your RI Director.

Wait for UoB approval

The finalised costing is then sent to the workflow on vProject, where it is reviewed by:

Reviewed by roles

vProject must be approved - warning sign

Submit your application to the funder

The internal approval of your bid indicates that you are authorised to submit your application to the funder.

The BSU can assist at this stage of your application

We will help by:

* Reading and providing feedback prior to submission

* Assisting with Je-S and other online portals –from entering budget info to carrying out final checks and submission.