What our Clients Say

I’m really pleased and extremely surprised by the high professionalism shown by this team. Very efficient, and excellent work. They dealt with all the paperwork and got my family over to join me here in the UK. A really stress-free process for my family and me. I very very highly recommend anyone to ask for their help. So so happy, thank you very much once again!

My experience with RLAP is really amazing. They listen carefully, they understand well, respect our feelings, faith and culture, give us emotional support. All the paperwork’s done in a very organised way. Much appreciated and will never forget their help.

I am so grateful for the help and support I was given by RLAP! Thanks to the incredible work and effort of the student volunteers I was able to support my husband and children’s applications for Family Reunion, and all of them were successful. It is because of RLAP’s dedication and work that my family are now here with me in the UK and we can all live together again.

I would just like to say thank you so much for the great and excellent work the RLAP Team did. I was desperate when my solicitor announced to me that legal aid could not be available for refugees seeking Family Reunion and I should pay almost £900. For me, the hopes to see my family soon vanished, and it was a struggle until I learned about RLAP: when I met them, their welcome was very warm; the team-working atmosphere was excellent, and I have been struck by the Team’s availability to help. Today, I am finally reunited with my family. Thanks!

All of my gratitude for being reunited with my family goes to the RLAP Team! Thanks to their help I am now able to have my family with me again. I would also like to appreciate the professional expertise and excellent interpersonal skills of the entire Team, and the dedication and commitment of the trainee law students of the University. RLAP is very important for refugees in the community and I hope it will keep running for many years.


RLAP is based at the Luton campus.

University of Bedfordshire
University Square
Luton, Bedfordshire


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