Fitness to Study

The University of Bedfordshire is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all students and recognises the importance of a student’s health and wellbeing in relation to their academic progression and overall experience.

The Fitness to Study Policy [PDF] will be considered when a student’s fitness to study causes concern, and all other procedures and options have been exhausted.

For example, where the University becomes aware that:

  • A student poses a risk to their own health, safety or wellbeing (and/or that of others)
  • A student’s behaviour is (or is at risk of) adversely affecting the teaching, learning or experience of other students; or the day to day activities of the University
  • A student’s support needs fall outside the scope of the professional support and other services which the University can reasonably be expected to provide, directly or indirectly
  • A student appears to be unable to engage with academic study

The Process is not disciplinary in nature and is concerned with the wellbeing of the student and the University community.

Students referred through this process can seek further guidance and support from the Students’ Union (Beds SU) Advice Service

This policy came into effect from the academic year 2018/19.



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