Academic Appeals

The University of Bedfordshire endeavours to resolve all appeals as early as possible and is committed to dealing openly and fairly with you.

Your appeal will be treated seriously and you will not suffer any disadvantage or recrimination as a result of making one.

The University's Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure [PDF] provides a more detailed breakdown of the criteria and timescales within which students are expected to submit their appeals.

All appeals should be submitted to the Adjudication Team via using the following forms:

Guidance on acceptable evidence to support appeals regarding mitigating circumstances is available here - PDF 261.0 KB

Appeals will not be considered if they do not meet the criteria specified in the academic appeals policy.

  • Academic appeals are only valid in respect of Examination Board decisions already made. Therefore the appeals procedure must be followed after an Examination Board has taken a decision.
  • It is only through the appeals process that issues relating to an Examination Board decision can be resolved.

Student advocacy

If you require guidance in submitting your appeal, please contact the Students' Union (Beds SU) who will be able to advise you. Beds SU is an independent organisation and has a team of professional and experienced advice workers that can assist you with your complaint.

Students' Union: Welfare and Advice Service

G110 Campus Centre, Luton campus

Student Support Services

You may also wish to seek advice from the Student Support Services:

Bedford Student Support Services

P0.31a, Bedford campus
T: 01582 489622

Luton Student Support Services

Floor 2, Campus Centre, Luton campus
T: 01582 489622

The possible outcomes of submitting an appeal

A successful appeal may provide you with a further opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. You may be required to re-do work or complete further assessment to demonstrate the required academic rigor.

Problems which have affected the completion of work within the deadline set?

Where your ability to perform in an assessment or submit a piece of work is affected by ill health or exceptional extenuating circumstances you should contact the Student Engagement and Mitigation Team immediately at

Ill on the day of examination?

You will need to contact the Student Engagement and Mitigation Team immediately using the relevant details above. You will be asked to support your case with evidence or medical documentation from your GP, hospital or the Walk-In Centre.

Learning from student appeals

We want to continue to improve our services and so we evaluate and analyse student appeals in order to learn from them and improve the student experience.

Student appeals are regularly tracked and monitored by the Adjudication Team and are reported to the Vice Chancellor's Student Experience Group and Academic Board to ensure that our procedures are robust.



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