Dr Johnathan Jones


Johnathan Jones

I am a lecturer in Language Learning & Assessment for CRELLA.  I studied at UCL and was awarded my doctorate recently.

My academic work examines theoretical and methodological gaps in research and assessment, particularly with second language listening.

  • Jones, J. (in review and revision) Exploring open consonantal environments.
  • Jones, J. & Isaacs, T. (2022, February) Assessing Second Language Pronunciation. In Mohebbi, H. & Coombe, C. (Eds.), Research questions in language education and applied linguistics. Springer

My research interests include research and development of language assessments, advanced listening assessment design, validity and validation.

I am also interested in the implementation of machine learning for speech recognition and text to speech generation.

  • Jones, J. (2021, June). Presentation: Engaging word and sentence diversity for testing vowel perception. Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) conference, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.
  • Jones, J. (2021, March). Presentation: Toward more natural listening materials for testing L2 vowel perception. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Vancouver, Canada.
  • Jones, J. (2019, June). Presentation: Dissentangling validity Symposium. UCL Institute of Education Doctoral Conference, London, UK.
  • Jones, J. (2018, September). Presentation: Ambiguous sounds in medical English terminology: a preliminary study. International Medical English Conference, Exeter, UK.
  • Jones, J. (2016, March). Presentation: Exploring Open Consonantal Environments for Testing Vowel Perception. Georgetown University Round Table, Washington, DC.

I have worked with CRELLA on various initiatives and served as consultant for the British Council (Aptis) and Paragon Testing Enterprises (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program and the Canadian Academic English Language Test).

I have taught EFL, ESL, and EAP since 2005, spanning elementary to university. I have taught credit and non-credit courses at the university level, and have guest lectured on topics in applied linguistics, most recently at the University of Saskatchewan.


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