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PhD and MA by research supervision

The support you receive from tutors is amazing, they really look after you and help you in any way they can. Also, as they are all actively involved in research, you get to hear about the most up-to-date research in language testing as well as about conferences.

E.W.F., completed in 2019

We provide supervision at the levels of MPhil, PhD and MA by research in the fields of English language assessment, and related areas of language learning. Student research proposals are particularly welcome in the areas of:

  • academic literacy and language proficiency
  • aligning tests to frameworks such as the CEFR
  • assessing English for specific purposes, e.g. aviation, medicine
  • assessing language skills across the proficiency spectrum
  • cognitive processing in language tests
  • computer technologies in language assessment
  • developing assessment literacy among test stakeholders
  • formative assessment and assessment for learning
  • test development and validation
  • the construct(s) of language proficiency
  • the history of language assessment
  • washback and the use and impacts of language tests and assessments
  • discourse analysis of speaking assessments and classroom interactions
  • materials design for language teaching

I received excellent supervision. My supervisors were always willing to help. If you are interested in any aspect of language testing the expertise available is world leading.

L.K., completed in 2019

Admission criteria

  • A Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics, Language Testing or related area, or equivalent
  • Experience of working in language learning and assessment
  • IELTS score band 7.0 or above in all four skills (for international applicants)


Before formally applying to the University, please contact us via the enquiry form

Please also send to

It is very important that students are organised, manage their time effectively and meet deadlines in a timely manner, while the wonderful staff and supervisors at CRELLA will be there to help and give invaluable advice at every step of your studentship.

E.K., completed in 2018