Dr Nicola Latimer

Nicola Latimer

I am a Lecturer. I studied with CRELLA and was awarded my doctorate in 2019.


I have worked on several projects related to academic reading and reading-into-writing (RIW). These projects include the development of the Bedfordshire Academic Reading and Reading-into-Writing Test as well as research projects for Cambridge Assessment. I am experienced in using eye-tracking technology to investigate reading and I am currently working on a project which uses eye-tracking to investigate how students synthesize information from Power Point slides as they listen to lectures.

I am beginning to publish papers and recently co-authored a chapter in a book in the Studies in Language Testing (SiLT) book series. The chapter reported work from my thesis. I am currently preparing two further articles for publication, one based on my thesis and the other on a recently completed project.

My research interests include the assessment and teaching of academic reading, reading-into-writing and listening. I am particularly interested in how technological research methods such as eye-tracking and keystroke logging can be used to inform the teaching and assessment of these skills.

I currently teach on the Assessment and Accreditation module of University of Bedfordshire’s Masters in TESOL. I have also taught on CERT TEFL programs and have extensive experience of teaching English as a second language ranging from absolute beginners through to preparation for university entry.

I have regularly presented at CRELLA’s research seminars and I am currently responsible for moving our seminar program to on-line delivery. In 2016 I delivered a pre-conference workshop “Test validation: eye tracking technology and key-stroke logging” for the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).


Professor Tony Green
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