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Professor Tony Green
Director and Professor in Language Assessment
University of Bedfordshire
Putteridge Bury
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Current PhD students

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Tanzeela Anbreen (Pakistan)

An Investigation of the Revision Process of Candidates on a Computer-based Academic Writing Test

Emma Bruce (Hong Kong)Emma Bruce

The impact of varying time conditions on an academic English reading-to-write assessment task

Gwendydd Cauldwell (UK)

Moving towards a framework of reference for spoken production of young learners aged 13-15

Hosam Darwish (Egypt)

Metadiscourse in ELT/TEFL Master Theses in English L1 & L2

Regina A Davis (UK)


An investigation of language transfer in learning English for Academic Purposes (EAP) of students at Methodist University College, Ghana (MUCG)

Edit Ficzere (Hungary)Edit Ficzere

Assessing L2 learners' pragmatic competence

Martine Holland (UK)

(MA by Research)

Investigating the construct and predictive validity of an academic literacy test

Laurence Kinsella (UK)Laurence Kinsella

Does targeted vocabulary learning help develop reading skills and promote rapid vocabulary acquisition?

Nicola Latimer (UK)Nicola Latimer

The role of cognitive processes in academic reading into writing tasks and the implications for the cognitive validity of international English language tests

Chun-Wen Anita Lin (Taiwan)

An investigation of the academic spoken English demands in the Taiwanese EMI context

Stefan O'Grady (UK)Stefan O'Grady

Investigating the effects of task manipulation in an oral proficiency exam

Alun Roger (UK)

Measuring the Effect of Rater Personality on Candidates` L2 Speaking Proficiency Scores

Safia Sheraz (Pakistan)

Researching the cognitive processes involved in academic reading tests among native and non native English speakers, through eye tracking technology

Muhammad Tanveer (Oman)
Muhammad Tanveer

Developing test tasks that elicit the construct of English language proficiency (ELP) for employability in Oman's corporate sector

Leonidas Tzampazis (Greece)

Title to be confirmed

Carolyn Westbrook (UK)Carolyn Westbrook

Investigating the relationship between input task characteristics and performance on written output tasks in an integrated EAP test

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