Our STEM Students

Ahmad Farooqazam

Electronic Engineering MSc

“My course mostly focuses on the practical application of what we’re learning, which I really like. The facilities are really good, we have some great computer labs and machinery that we can use.”

Ashley Garaiza

Electronic Engineering BEng

"The facilities are really spectacular. Bedfordshire has a beautiful library and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to use the new STEM building when it opened in my final year - the building is gorgeous and filled with industry-standard equipment."

Hannah Austin

Psychology BSc

"I visited a lot of universities when I was at college, but Bedfordshire was by far my favourite. I really enjoy my course and have very supportive tutors who are always willing to help."

Joshua Chukwu

Doctor of Philosophy (IRAC Computing)

"The University of Bedfordshire is one of the best. Whilst doing my Masters in Information Systems and Business Management MSc at Bedfordshire I found the resources and support to be outstanding, and this is what motivated me to continue on to my PhD here. The lecturers are always available and are very supportive, and the advice from the International Office has been amazing."

Ingrid Ferhati

Masters of Science by Research (iBEST Environment)

"I've always been interested in research, especially cancer research, so my course has been very interesting to me and I've had amazing tutors that have helped me throughout the whole thing."

Sabeerah Mahmud

Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

"The degree I'm doing is going to help me achieve my dream to go to medical school. While I've been applying to medical schools in the UK and internationally, I've had amazing support from the staff who have helped me write my personal statement and improve my CV so I can get into the best schools possible."

Marlese Levermore

Applied Psychology MSc

“As my course is a conversion course, the way it’s taught it so important. All the lecturers have extremely sound knowledge on the subject matter, and teach it in a very accessible way.”

Siobhan Busby

Forensic Analysis MSc

“The lecturers are fantastic, and the course content is amazing. I studied mu undergraduate degree here too, and these four years have been the best years of my life.”