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Senior Lecturer in Radio

 Lawrie Hallett

I've been lucky enough to work in broadcasting all my adult life. From working as a producer and presenter on stations in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, I went on to run a broadcast engineering and design company, before becoming a broadcast consultant specialising in technology and community-based broadcasting.

Before moving to the University of Bedfordshire, I was part of Ofcom's Radio Team where I developed and implemented policies around community radio and digital audio broadcasting in particular.

When I'm not teaching or involved in research, I can often be found making radio programmes for pleasure or rebuilding old steam locomotives.


  • PhD in Community Radio and Technology - University of Westminster
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Supporting Learning - University of Westminster
  • MA in International Relations and Development Studies - UEA
  • BA (Hons) European Studies and Scandinavian Languages - UEA
  • Certificate in Radio Journalism - London College of Printing (UAL)

Teaching Expertise

  • Radio Production
  • Radio Journalism
  • Media Research
  • Media Policy
  • Media Development
  • Higher Education Association - Associate Fellow

Research Interests

  • Broadcast Radio Policy
  • Community Radio and Media Development
  • Audio Production
  • Radio, Communications and Broadcast Technology
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting
  • Audience Research

External Roles

  • External Examiner Radio - University of Chester
  • External Examiner Radio - Point Blank College London
  • Trustee - Future Projects Charity, Norwich
  • Technical Director - Future Digital Norfolk Limited
  • Board Member - Community Media Forum Europe
  • Panel Advisor - UK Audio Content Fund
  • Advisor - Community Media Association
  • Reviewer - BAI Sound and Vision Scheme, Ireland
  • Technical Journalist - Radio World International

Research Projects

  • Ofcom Small-Scale DAB Trial operator since September 2015.
  • Audio Content Distribution Platform Development.
  • National Radio Archive: Feasibility Study. Lead author on report submitted to the British Library in May 2014.
  • Member - UK Radio Archives Advisory Committee, since September 2012.
  • Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies EU COST Action (2010-2014).

Recent Publications (selected)


  • Hallett, Lawrie (2018). Open Source Approaches to DAB. In: Transnationalizing [sic] Radio Research: New Approaches to and Old Medium. Bielefeld, Germany, Transcript / Columbia University Press.
  • Hallett, Lawrie (2017). Apples and Oranges - Duplicating Existing FM Coverage With DAB. In: Journal of Radio and Audio Media. New York, BEA / Taylor & Francis.
  • Hallett, Lawrie & Salek, Stanley (2017). Analog [sic] and Digital Terrestrial Radio Standards (Chapter 2.5). In: The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Engineering Handbook, 11th Edition. National Association of Broadcasters, Washington DC.
  • Carpentier, Nico, Schrøder, Kim & Hallett, Lawrie (Editors) (2013). Audience Transformations: Shifting Audience Positions In Late Modernity (Edited Anthology). London, Routledge.
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  • Hallett, Lawrie (2010). Community Radio in Transition – The Challenge of Digital Migration (pp 173 - 192). In: O'Neil, Brian et. al. (Editors), 2010. Digital Radio In Europe – Technologies, Industries and Cultures. [Chapter 9]. Bristol, Intellect.
  • Hallett, Lawrie & Willson, Deborah (2010). Community Radio In The UK, Collaboration and Regulation. Winning Entry in BEA Radio & Audio Media Paper Competition (Debut Category - 2011). Washington, Broadcast Education Association.
  • Hallett, Lawrie (2008). The Space Between: Making Room for Community Radio (pp 33 - 58). In: Gordon, Janey (Editor), 2008. Notions of Community. [Chapter 2]. Bern, Switzerland Peter Lang Publishing.
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  • Hallett, Lawrie (2002). State Of Affairs With Regard To Digital AM (Digital Radio Mondiale). In: Eureka! A Solution for Small-Scale Digital Radio [Chapter 4]. Nigmegen, Netherlands, OLON.


  • Broadcast Education Association Conference, 2014: 61st Annual Convention, Las Vegas (22-25 April 2017). Presentation: The BREXIT Election.
  • IAMCR, Leicester, 2016: Memory, Commemoration and Communication: Looking Back, Looking Forward, University of Leicester (27-31 July 2016). Presentation: Media and Migration - The Role of Community Radio in the Settlement of New Migrant Communities (With Dr Janey Gordon).
  • The Radio Conference, 2016: Transnational Radio Encounters,Utrecht University, (5-8 July 2016). Presentation: The International Development of  Open Source Approaches to DAB.
  • Presentation: Media and Migration (with Dr Janey Gordon)
  • IAMCR, Hyderabad, India, 2014: Region as Frame: Politics, Presence, Practice. (15-19 July 20). Paper: Democratising Digital Audio Broadcasting. Panellist: Best Practices for Audio Production
  • CMFE Conference, 2013: CMFE International Conference - Media Diversity for Democracy, Brno, Czech Republic (3-6 October 2013).
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  • Broadcast Education Association Conference, 2013: 57th Annual Convention, Las Vegas (7-10 April 2013). Presentation: Community Radio: Social Media in Context
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  • CRAOL Conference (2006): Innisowen Community Radio (ICRFM).

Invited Speaker

  • December 2009: Department of Media Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.
  • July 2009:  Audio Division, Media Bureau, Federal Communications Commission, Washington DC.


  • English (native)
  • Norwegian (fluent)
  • Swedish (working proficiency)
  • Danish (working proficiency)

Contact Details

E: lawrie.hallett@beds.ac.uk

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/terella