Peader Kirk

Lecturer in Theatre

Peader Kirk is an Artist and Mentor working internationally in the fields of Performance and Sound Art. His work has recently been shown at the ICA, London, The National Theatre of Greece, Athens and the Academy of Fine Arts, Turin. The scale of the work ranges from intimate encounters in small rooms to large-scale public works in the urban environment. Peader works as a solo artist and collaboratively with Mkultra.

We start with a question about how we live now and the specifics of the location. We think performance is about encountering another and feeling (again) the texture of existence. Our work moves around the real and the reproduced, the structuring of social architectures and the creation of intimate situations.

The work is often site responsive. Using a 'real' location as the base material, incorporating and developing its physical & social architecture with overlays of sound and object installation; working beyond theatre time and utilising distinctive performer audience formats.

The work often re-performs personal and public events by creating a parallel reality to the original events, a live situation which allows the dynamics of a particular historical moment to be played out in the present, subverting both the fictive and the real. We want the mediation between the work and the visitor to be thin, we want to encompass the visitor.

By pointing at the constructedness of the situation we live in and at it's own existence as a construction, our work attests to the capacity of individuals and communities to construct new social situations, to make a difference.

In the past ten years Peader and Mkultra have created over 30 pieces and the work has been supported by ACE, British Council, Piedmont Cultural Ministry Greek Cultural Ministry and the City of Athens. Work has been presented at BIOS (Athens), National Theatre of Greece, ICA (London), Technopolis (Athens), Young Vic (London), BAC (London), Shunt (London), Arnolfini (Bristol), West Yorkshire Playhouse (Leeds) and at festivals such as Teatro Europeo (Turin), Parartissima (Turin), AND (Liverpool), Fabrica Europa Festival (Florence), Schiume Festival (Venice).


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