Wed 01 September, 2021
University expert uncovers forensic clues for bestselling whodunit author

A University of Bedfordshire academic has been lending a helping hand to crime writer and honorary degree holder Adam Croft, by providing forensic expertise for his latest trilogy of gripping novels.

Wed 16 June, 2021
University helps LSG develop new Covid testing technology

Researchers from the University of Bedfordshire have helped develop a new inactivating technology for faster and safer testing of Covid-19 samples, in partnership with Life Science Group Ltd (LSG).

Wed 10 March, 2021
Look to the stars with Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Award-winning astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell will host the first ‘An Evening With…’ event – a new inspirational public lecture series from the University of Bedfordshire.

Tue 08 December, 2020
Senior STEM Lecturer involved in international genome research paper

A Senior Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire has worked alongside institutions and researchers from a number of countries to publish a paper on DNA sequences in different species of plants.

Fri 05 June, 2020
University and local SME receive funding for Covid-19 research

A successful application by a local company, Life Science Group Ltd (LSG), together with the University of Bedfordshire has resulted in £50,000 of funding from Innovate UK to complete a research project to improve Covid-19 testing.

Wed 08 April, 2020
“Universities are key in the fight against Covid-19”, says Bedfordshire Dr

"Universities can make a significant contribution through the knowledge and experience of their staff and their physical resources."

Fri 03 April, 2020
Could medical detection dogs help fight Covid-19? Bedfordshire experts weigh in

University of Bedfordshire court member Geoff Lambert explains how medical detection dogs can help join the fight against Covid-19.

Mon 07 January, 2019
Expert highlights the dangers of fad diets

As the New Year gets underway, a nutritional science expert from the University of Bedfordshire has warned about the dangers of fad diets.