Research in iBEST

Reseach in iBEST is carried out within two groups:

Thematic research areas

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Disease and aging

Research in these themes includes a range of conditions such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, obesity, neurological disorders, and nutritional deficiencies

Our aim is to gain new insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying these conditions, and to develop biomarkers and early diagnosis methodologies underpinning novel intervention strategies

We apply various methodologies including biochemistry, cell biology, immunology, microbiology, biosensors, ‘omics and bioinformatics.


In line with the key global agendas and the expertise of our current team, the major themes within the environmental science area are:

  • global change and biotechnology
  • environmental sustainability

These themes complement the research in biomedical science under the thematic areas of health and wellbeing, and disease and aging.

The strategy for the environmental science area aligns with the iBEST's future strategy which has these key objectives:

  • Enhance our reputation as leaders in national and international environmental change management research agendas and contribute to socio-economic development
  • Further develop and support collaborative and interdisciplinary research and enterprise opportunities both within (e.g. inter-institute collaborations) and outwith the University (e.g. organisations involved in research, policy and practice)
  • Grow PG-R student activity and the research base to further develop a platform for sustainable research income
  • Create a Centre/Network for Interdisciplinary Research and Training that would serve as a vehicle to develop innovation systems research and impact in food, health and the environment areas
  • Further develop systems and implementation processes that effectively support research and enterprise activity of our academic staff.



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