Fees and scholarships for international students

The University of Bedfordshire has a specific fee structure for international students depending on the level of study being undertaken.

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Level of Study Fees 2021-2022
Undergraduate - BA/BSc £12,900 (per annum)
Undergraduate - BA/BSc Degrees with Foundation
years (Foundation year only)
£12,900 (for Foundation Year only)
Taught Masters - MA/MSc £13,275 (total)*
MBA £14,500 (total)
2 year Taught Masters / 22 months Taught Masters 'with placement' £15,600 (total)
2 year MBA / 22 months MBA 'with placement' £16,325 (total)

Tuition Fee Schedule 2021-2022 [pdf]

Please note: per annum means fees are payable each year of the degree. Total means this is the entire cost of the degree. The amount is not payable each year unless specified.

* For MSc Nursing with Registration (Adult) the fees are £14,675 - The fees are a per year amount for each of the two years of the course, and include £1,400 per annum payable for the provision of placement.

In the first year only on either undergraduate, or postgraduate degree courses, international students will receive a £1,000 VC Scholarship. An international student progressing to a higher level degree* will receive, in the first year only of the new course, both a £1,000 VC Scholarship and a £500 alumni discount. Additional discounts of £500 are available for prompt payment of the first year fees in full, before or at registration (undergraduate and postgraduate) .

* Including undergraduate to postgraduate, and postgraduate to MBA.

Undergraduate international students who pay their second/third year fees in full before or at registration will receive an additional £500 Prompt Payment Discount for each year 2 and 3.

See information on how to pay your fees

Postgraduate research students who pay their full tuition fee before or at registration, will receive a £1,000 discount. This is available for every year of study.

Fees for EU (non-UK domiciled without settled/pre-settled) students 2021-2022

The University reserves the right to increase tuition fees by no more than inflation.

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