Researchers’ Areas of Interest

  • Educational ideas of John Dewey
  • Relationship between political philosophy and education
  • Philosophy of education
  • Citizenship and democratic education
  • Educational leadership and governance
  • Psychoanalysis and education
  • History of education
  • The study of English/Literacy at various phases
  • Further and adult education
  • Professional identity in education

  • Teenage pregnancy and motherhood
  • Media and policy representations of university students
  • Youth transitions
  • Constructions of youth and risk
  • Media analysis
  • Interpretative phenomenology analysis (IPA)
  • Interviewing
  • Creative research methods

Research sits at the intersection of philosophy, education, and English studies and includes:

  • Identity
  • Academic decentring (close to intellectual/academic decolonization)
  • Radical/anarchist education
  • Political philosophy
  • Political/aesthetic education
  • Literature/popular culture
  • Civil liberties
  • Language
  • Subject English/creative writing

  • Evaluation in higher education
  • Science teaching and learning in primary school
  • Teacher beliefs
  • Teacher and student motivation
  • Self-theories (growth-mindset, grit, self-regulation)
  • Classroom discourse and discourse analysis
  • International assessments

  • Teacher Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Further Education and Skills
  • Mentoring
  • FE leadership

  • Inclusion and SEN
  • Teacher Professional Development & Educational Leadership
  • Psychology related topics (particularly developmental psychology)

  • Higher education curriculum change
  • Evaluation of higher education practices
  • Education for sustainability
  • Climate change education
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusivity and decolonisation in higher education

  • Memory and education
  • Teacher Education
  • Handwriting

  • Leadership and management in educational contexts
  • The leadership and management of change in educational contexts
  • The compulsory redeployment of teachers
  • Special educational needs and disability
  • Teachers' lives and careers

  • Multi agency working, the roles beyond the educator
  • Professional identity
  • How education is impacted upon by parents and families
  • SEND
  • Higher Education

  • Race, ethnicity, cultural diversity as they impact on the experiences and attainment of minority ethnic students and minority ethnic staff educational leadership and practice in schools, further and higher education;
  • Social justice in education
  • Critical race theory
  • Critical theories

  • Special educational needs and disability
  • Difficulties in literacy and dyslexia
  • Issues of challenging behaviour in schools
  • Curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in schools
  • Practitioner action research


Institute for Research in Education
School of Education and English Language
University of Bedfordshire
Bedford campus
Polhill Avenue
MK41 9EA


School of Education and English Language

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