Research Students

Current MPhil/PhD students

  • Emma Butler A case study on support required for early career teachers to thrive in challenging schools
  • Heather Cunliffe What do students and staff in one secondary school make of the targets for learning set on entry in Year 7?
  • Janine Francois In what ways does art in the museum context provide a safe space to ask difficult questions around culture and race?
  • Nassor Hamad The efficacy of E-learning to support learning and enhance critical thinking skills for higher education students
  • Sophie Hughes A case study investigating the effectiveness of Teaching Assistants in supporting pupils with special educational needs and disabilities in one mainstream secondary school
  • Mariya Masood An investigation of relationship between academic attainments of students and their socioeconomic status and school type in Pakistan
  • Zoe Mills An intersectional investigation into students’ lived experiences and their relationship to/impact on the degree awarding gap, and the effectiveness of the university’s responses to reducing the gap
  • Malini Mistry The role of leaders in meeting the needs of Early Years pupils with EAL
  • Alix Waddington A mixed methods investigation of the rationale for, opportunities for, and the barriers to curricular co-production at a widening participation university
  • Farida Sadaf The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on elementary school education in underprivileged areas of Pakistan: A look at the effects of lockdown and online learning on student progress and the potential long-term consequences on the Pakistani education system
  • Alyaa Awad Abdo Effective Approaches for Enhancing Language and Communication for Post-16 Students with SLD and PMLD
  • Giancarlo Niro Exploring literacy practices and outcomes in one English secondary school: a mixed-methods study.

Former MPhil/PhD students

The following are former students of the Institute who have successfully completed their studies:

  • Dr Mahan Aloysius Problems of English teaching in Sri Lanka: How they affect teaching efficacy
  • Dr Saleh Alresheed Integrating CALL in Saudi Classrooms: A change model based on inhibiting factors and possible solutions
  • Dr Dave Appleby What makes threshold concepts difficult to learn? Exploring the pedagogy of a conceptual landscape
  • Dr Elaine Barron Primary School Headteachers' perceptions of factors which contribute to successful outcomes for teacher training
  • Dr Javeria Chaudhry Exploring the effectiveness of school behaviour policy in both English and Pakistani Schools
  • Mr Gordon Clubb (MPhil) An examination of the role of the Anglican Church in the English education system (secondary phase)
  • Dr Julia Croft Aligning assessment in teacher education: defining the role of HE in developing the professional teacher
  • Dr Judith Darnell Parental Involvement and the consequences for student attainment: An enhancer or an inhibitor?
  • Dr Peter Dean Undergraduate Media Studies in England: a discourse analysis
  • Dr Wendy Edwards Should schools set homework?
  • Dr Paul Gardner Scribing the writer: Implications of social construction of writer identity for paradigms of written composition
  • Dr Kate Hudson Innovations in partnership: Investigating the Changes: Using pupil voice to support student teacher development through mentoring
  • Dr Lucia Jera Exploring New Academy Leadership
  • Dr Sarah-Louise Jones Learning and Emerging Technologies: An investigation into the nature of learning processes
  • Dr Christina Kuegel A critical analysis of functional play for children with autism and severe learning difficulties
  • Dr Satip Kuesoongnern A Study of Cross-Cultural Communication in the Thai English as a Foreign Language classroom
  • Dr Garry Layden Hand-drawing for spatial design undergraduates: an investigation into its apparent decline and how this can be reversed
  • Dr David Mathew Fragile Learning: The Influence of Anxiety
  • Dr Jeanette Mills What are the issues involved in using e-portfolios as a pedagogical tool?
  • Dr Mario Moya Developing a Strategy-based Instruction Approach to Teaching and Learning Modern Languages to train ab-initio Primary PGCE Trainees
  • Dr Margaret Olugabaro Using a supplementary school to address literacy difficulties in KS3
  • Dr Nick Pape Counselling students perceptions of factors that affect their learning
  • Dr Monika Pazio Researching normalisation of Computer Assisted Language Learning in the context of primary education
  • Dr Richard Procter Knowledge management to support evidence informed practice in teaching and learning
  • Dr Sharvaani Ramkissoon A pedagogy model for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to suit Mauritian learners
  • Dr Eve Rapley A critical review of teacher approaches at the FE/HE interface in animal and equine studies
  • Dr James Shea The role of social networking in Secondary Initial Teacher Training and Education
  • Dr Michael Usi Enhancing youth education attendance in Malawi through strategy development: An analysis of strategies and challenge
  • Dr Lanka Wendikandage A study of multicultural practices in Sri Lankan secondary schools and an English comparator school


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