Welcome to the Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR)

ISPAR embraces a wide range of multi-disciplinary perspectives from the life and biomedical sciences to the social sciences, to seek solutions to the physical inactivity epidemic and enhancement of human performance in a variety of sectors related to sport, education, health and wellbeing. Our work spans the life-course, working with children and young people, often in a school setting, through to adults and older adults within community, workplace and health care settings. We would be delighted to work with you on your research, training and consultancy needs and encourage you to get in touch.

Professor Angel Chater, Director of ISPAR
Dr Andrew Mitchell, Deputy Director of ISPAR

Mission of ISPAR

ISPAR’s mission is to lead in the development of translational interdisciplinary research related to sport and physical activity, aimed at enhancing education, performance, health and wellbeing.

Vision of ISPAR

The Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research recognises the importance of:

  • Identification of determinants, barriers and facilitators to physical activity at an individual, societal and political level
  • Research to determine the basic underlying mechanisms for disease prevention, treatment optimisation and human performance
  • Collaboration with partners to develop programmes that optimise the transfer of research in to practice in a variety of contexts (Public Health, NHS, Schools, Fitness Industry, Sports, and specialist populations) in a sustainable manner.

For an overview of the structure of ISPAR, take a look at the Centres of ISPAR [PDF]

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