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In the wake of 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests, many organisations and individuals committed to tackling racism. To ensure real change, the Black community needs support from allies, so this year’s Black History Month theme is Time for Change: Action Not Words.

Here at the University of Bedfordshire, we have built on our own campaign – Proud To Be Black. We have invited our Black students, staff and alumni to share what makes them proud, what their heritage and culture means to them, and how allies can support their Black peers, learn more and help instigate societal change.

Through our case studies, events and activities taking place during Black History Month 2022, we aim to celebrate and show support to Bedfordshire’s diverse student and staff community. As well as remembering the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. Black Britons at the University and across the UK continue to make history in their own ways every day, which makes us incredibly proud.

Our students & staff are 'Proud To Be Black'!

NEWS: Celebrating our Black students, community & alumni

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