Physiology of Exercise areas

The Facilities have received accreditation by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science as a Sport and Exercise Laboratory (Research and Scientific Support)

These areas are very well supplied with equipment such as:

  • Treadmills:
    • Powered clinical Woodways
    • Non-motorised Woodway
    • Force 3 – able to measure 3D forces and gait while running up to maximal sprint velocity.
    • H P Cosmos Pulsar with safety harness
  • Cycle ergometers
  • Lode Cycle and Arm ergometers with associated software
  • Racer Mate Cycle Computrainer with associated software
  • Watt bikes and software
  • Rowing ergometers and Row Pro software
  • Servomex oxygen and carbon dioxide analysers
  • Online gas analysis systems (Cortex MetaLyser and MetaMax)
  • Powerlab computerised physiological data collection system.
  • Body composition analysis equipment:Underwater weighing tank, Bod Pod, Harpenden skinfold callipers, Bioimpedance equipment: Bodystat, Quadscan, Tanita scales
  • Blood analysis equipment; YSI automatic blood lactate / glucose analyser, Hemocue haemoglobin photometer, Hawksley haematocrit centrifuge, Cholestec LDX cholesterol analyser, Reflotron, Opti CCA blood gas analyser.
  • Suunto Team Heart rate monitor and logging system
  • Actigraph, Actiheart and GeneActive activity recording systems
  • Ice Baths
  • Echocardiographs Vivid 7 and  HDI 3000CV
  • Muscle stimulation equipment
  • DXA Prodigy Pro low dosage X-Ray machine
  • E Bike

Environmental Chamber

  • Wireless temperature control
  • Humidity control
  • Oxygen level control  (for Altitude work)
  • Mobile environmental enclosure
  • Mobile hypoxicator
  • Monitoring equipment: skin, core and muscle temperature, blood oxygen saturation levels

Movement Science / Biomechanics areas

A large, dedicated, visual data capture area with specialist lighting and recording equipment for 2D or 3D work with >4.5 meter vertical clearance.

The area is well supplied with equipment such as:

  • Video background wall and background curtains.
  • Standard and high speed video camcorders and analysis software
  • Video editing and mixing equipment.
  • Retractable netting enclosure.
  • Force data capture equipment including two built in Kistler force plates which have variable mounting positions.
  • A separate Kistler portable load cell and accelerometer
  • All can be linked to either a PC with specialist Bioware analysis software or to other data capture systems.
  • Ballistic Measurement system – measuring force, velocity and acceleration for any given training task
  • Kin Com Isokinetic dynamometer
  • Optojump gait and movement analysis system
  • RS footscan system – measuring gait and centre of pressure
  • Biometrics DataLog and DataLink systems – including EMG and electronic goniometers
  • Artek 3D Scanner

Strength and Conditioning

  • Olympic platform and rack in adjacent gym
  • Smiths Machine
  • Bench and free weights
  • Flexibility and strength measuring and recording devices.
  • SmartSpeed training and timing system
  • Brower timing systems

Molecular Physiology Research Labs

  • 2 safety cabinets
  • 1 fume hood
  • 1 humidified CO2 incubator
  • Hand held flow cytomter, cell counting
  • Light microscope, cell imaging
  • Access to Fluorescent microscope for immunohistological analysis (Butterfield campus)
  • 3 centrifuges - spinning of blood, cells and tissue
  • DNA/RNA isolation and quantification
  • Automated PCR robot for assay setup
  • Real-time PCR machine for analysis of RNA/DNA for genotyping (for analysis of genetic profile of athletes/patients etc., also for gene expression and DNA methylation from blood, cells or tissue.
  • Access to ELISA plate reader for protein and hormone quantification (in collaboration with Loughborough University).
  • BioRad molecular imager
  • Tecan Infinite F200 Pro
  • Flexcell FX5K tension

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