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Your University and Students' Union will make sure your voice is heard and your feedback is shared with the appropriate departments. When you submit feedback through the Student Voice form, your Course Representative or one of our surveys, this is reported and discussed at Portfolio Executive Committees (PECs) and the VC's Student Experience Committee.

Based on your feedback, we will develop recommendations and actions for enhancement. We also love to hear about your positive experiences so we know which services and staff you value the most.

Closing the loop

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It is taking a long time to get a response from my emails to SID and Finance - Sept. 2020

We acknowledge and apologise for these delays which have been partially caused by the move to online delivery and registration. We ask that you don’t resubmit your query but bear with us while we work through the backlog. We do appreciate your patience.

Additional staff were employed to assist with enquiries during peak times of year so that we could clear the backlog. More staff were employed for Welcome 2021.

Further the online registration process was improved for September 2021 allowing more students to complete registration  without needing to contact us for support (including the Tuition Fees stage).

If you find yourself in financial difficulties if your loan is delayed, please contact the Student Money Advice Team for support.


-Further update Sept 2021

It is taking a long time to get a refund from Finance - Sept. 2020 We apologise for the delays, our Finance Team is checking and processing these but this is taking longer than usual.

This is a complex issue as refund requests can come through different departments across the University, for example Accommodation and International Admissions. We are continuing to review these processes so we can provide refunds within a reasonable time limit.

-Further update Sept 2021

We turned up for a seminar but there was no lecturer, the timetable was wrong - Oct. 2020 We sincerely apologise, sometimes we need to make unavoidably late changes to the timetable but should have communicated this better. A corrected timetable was posted on BREO.

Please continue to let us know of any specific issues.

An external consultant has supported us to review our timetabling processes. The unit choice exercise undertaken in April 2021 was a positive step towards us building the timetable earlier for 2021/22. However, we know further work to get timetables to you quicker is required.


-Further update Sept 2021

Some students had difficulty logging into BREO because of delays in the Registration process. The Registration and BREO teams worked to give you access to BREO as swiftly as possible whilst still processing your registration separately.

We hope that for those of you who have joined us in Welcome 2021 this has not been your experience, due to the improvements made to the online registration process.

-Further update Sept 2021

I want my lectures to be more interactive, there should be a chance to ask questions - Oct. 2020

Due to previous feedback on online delivery, lectures are pre-recorded to minimise disruption and to ensure all students can access them. Whilst lectures are recorded, you have the opportunity to discuss the learning and ask questions in your seminar groups.

We updated our FAQs to clarify the different types of learning sessions and what to expect. This was published in the November Beds Lowdown newsletter.

Read the FAQ

I am worried about attending classes on campus because I am vulnerable, or living with or caring for a vulnerable person In exceptional circumstances, students may apply to study online only.

You must contact and request the application to study only online.

We had various questions from those of you in your final year concerned about your future


We want to reassure you that as a student at Beds, there is a wealth of support available to you to access, both now and after you’ve graduated.


To help, we’ve pulled together a selection of dedicated information to direct you to support on offer: for your academic study, your wellbeing and your future. We want all of our students to be supported to be the best they can be, during their studies with us and beyond. Read more here

You wanted to know if the University’s ‘No Disadvantage Policy’ was being updated  - February 2021


We understand that studying in a pandemic is not what you expected when you started your course and you were concerned about your studies. Beds SU and Faculty colleagues raised this in University Committees for further consideration 


An updated statement on this issue has been released under the new title of your ‘Safety Net’ measures: 

 “The 2021 ‘safety net’ measures are in place to support your learning and assessment.  

  They are designed to support your studies in these challenging times and to maintain the academic standards of your course. This is to ensure that your final award is seen as being equal to students who graduated before the Covid-19 pandemic and afterwards. 

  We will continue to review our safety net measures, alongside Government and HE sector bodies’ advice and guidance, to ensure that they continue to provide the support needed.” 

Read the  Safety Net Measures here

Many of you expressed concerns to us about the new degree algorithm, being worried about its impact on your final classification, only using results from your final year.- February 2021


This concern was raised by Beds SU and University staff at University Committees.


For awarding for the academic year 2020- 2021 it was announced that the implementation of the new degree algorithm was delayed indefinitely. The previous two algorithms used in the previous academic year was utilised. This means the University applied the algorithm that benefited your final degree classification best.


You can read how your final classification will be awarded in the 2021-22 academic year in the University regulations 2021-22 Section 5.

University Regulations



Some of you were concerned with news coverage about support for International Students provided by Universities across the UK during the pandemic - February 2021


We understand that the coverage was concerning but want to reassure you that we have had support available to all our students should they wish to access it during the pandemic. 


We have recommunicated to International Students the support they can access and have encouraged them to get in touch with us.  

As a reminder to all, if you are experiencing hardship please access our support section

If you have concerns about the welfare of a fellow student, you can pass these on confidentially to

Furthermore, please email dedicated Advisors will support you with a Student Care Plan if you are self-isolating (with symptoms or after testing positive for coronavirus). 


You have articulated to us the financial hardship you have experienced due to various reasons associated with the pandemic - February 2021


We recognise that the global pandemic has had a financial impact on most students, with more of you at risk of facing increased costs or hardship as a result of this. 


The Covid Hardship Fund was available earlier this year and over 3,000 students received financial support through this fund. The Student Money Advice team are available to advise on other financial support and emergency funding options.

There is also a laptop loan scheme you can apply to

Some International students have fed back about fee increases as a result of decisions to defer their start dates - February 2021


Beds SU have raised this with the University. 


University policy does outline that a deferring an application can result in increased fees due to the course start date being in a new academic year. However, there are on-going discussions between Beds SU and the University about this stance in present circumstances. An update on any change to this will be communicated in due course.  


After successfully passing a referral some students were told they would have to pause studying until they could re-register in February 2022. 

Feb 2021

We acknowledged that students were not advised that as a February start any referrals would overlap with exam board decisions and subsequent move onto the next semester.

The University exam board decisions were retracted for the students affected. 

Processes and safeguards are in place to prevent a reoccurrence. 


In March 2021, Beds SU announced they were supporting a national campaign to request the Government agreed to reduce tuition fees by 50% for this academic year. Students got in touch through Student Voice mechanisms asking for a reduction in fees already paid in line with this campaign. April 2021

We acknowledge that studying online, through a global pandemic was not how you had hoped to complete your degree. However, the University worked hard to ensure students received their allocated contact hours, academic and personal support where needed and access to learning resources to help you succeed.

The refund of tuition fees is not a policy that the University is considering and students must continue to meet the terms and conditions of payment of fees, which were agreed at the point of registration.


All individual Student Voice enquiries for refund requests were reviewed by Associate Deans for Student Experience. All requests were dealt with on an individual basis and checks undertaken to access the number of teaching hours received and action as appropriate undertaken.


Some students contacted the University and Beds SU as you do not feel you have received value for money for CLV Accommodation for the Academic Year 2020-21 year and have requested a refund.

May 2021

The University’s accommodation partner CLV has refused to reimburse students but we will continue to press them on the matter.

This issue is still being discussed at the most senior levels. Earlier in the year students were able to apply to the Covid Hardship Fund for financial support, but if you are still facing financial difficulties please contact for advice or emergency financial assistance if needed.


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