MSc/MA by Research topics

Masters by Research example topics

Applicants can choose from the following example topics for your study. You are also encouraged to choose different topics from your interests.

Example topics for MA by Research in English Language Learning and Assessment:

  • Assessing or teaching academic writing
  • Assessing or teaching spoken language
  • Formative assessment in the classroom
  • Language test validation
  • Cognitive processing in language tests
  • Academic literacy

Example topics for MSc by Research:

  • Applying and utilising enterprise information portals in knowledge management
  • Factors affecting information and knowledge sharing among academics
  • How does the firm's state of internationalisation and its international growth proceed over time in comparison with its domestic growth?
  • Implications of "one word equity" on advertising executions
  • Information processing for strategic decisions
  • Is services advertising all about building trust?
  • Logistics modelling and international fresh produce supply chain
  • The effectiveness of consumer vs. agency generated advertising
  • The impact of Web 2.0 on knowledge management systems
  • The role of the Internet in information and knowledge sharing among agribusiness supply chains
  • Understanding consumers’ salt consumption behaviour and attitudes and their knowledge of related health effects
  • Web 2.0: the business impact of second generation web-based services
  • What factors encourage firms to internationalise rapidly after a long period during which they have focused on the domestic market?
  • What is the role of of internationalisation in the early growth of small firms, and in what ways do other strategic decisions interact with and impact upon the internationalisation decision?
  • The use of e-fora for the maintenance of local cluster groups
  • The innovation support needs of airport-related businesses in the Luton area
  • The innovation support needs of food and drink manufacturers in the Luton area
  • Best practice in facilitating and maintaining cluster groups of companies
  • 2012 and beyond - factors that will influence local economic growth
  • Best practice in the use of online communities in business environments
  • Holistic approaches to business planning
  • A generic business case framework for SMEs for recycling


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