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The CAP team are here to help and support all our partners, students and the wider community. We have a range of backgrounds in higher and further education, arts and culture, the public and private sector, sport and administration.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss any aspect of our work with partners and the community.

Gordon Mellor, Associate Dean of Academic Partnerships

Gordon Mellor

Dr Gordon Mellor is the Director of University of Bedfordshire’s Milton Keynes campus, he has operational/academic oversight of the University’s Study Centres and is deputy to Professor Helen Bailey in the Centre for Academic Partnerships, having formerly lead the University of Bedfordshire’s Business School. He started his academic career as an historian-philosopher with roots in education and sport. He has lectured on a broad range of topics both nationally and internationally. As an Olympic scholar he was closely involved in the media coverage of the London Olympic Games in 2012. A champion of the student experience, Gordon is an advocate of high quality, vocationally relevant and accessible higher education provision.

CAP Teams and Contact Details

Debra Hinds, Director of Collaborative Academic Partnerships

Debra supports the Executive Dean of Academic Partnerships through leading and managing the business development, transition from start-up to operational delivery of both UK and international academic partnerships; including approval, re-approval and maintenance of contracts for academic partners.
Debra’s background is in legal practice and higher education. She has worked on civil litigation cases involving cases heard in the House of Lords and High Court; and, more recently, in a number of higher education institutions’ law faculty with roles ranging from lecturer to academic faculty lead and head of partnerships (international).

Tim Gregory, Director of Academic Partnerships Operations

Tim leads on resource management, planning, analysis, project management, the development of the academic infrastructure to support partnerships and internal and external communications. He also has oversight of access and outreach activity which is planned and delivered by the Centre for Academic Partnerships. With a background in engineering and teaching, Tim has significant experience of quality assurance in higher education and of the leadership and management of higher education in further education.

Jon Driver, Associate Director of Academic Partnerships Operations

Jon Driver works closely with staff throughout the University, and its partners across the globe, to assist in leading the management of partnership provision at the University. He believes that effective partnership provision is essential to the development of the University’s mission to deliver high-quality education to people to whom it would otherwise be unavailable.
Previously, Jon held the post of Assistant University Secretary (Governance), and he continues to support the University’s Governance operation. He has also held managerial roles within the University’s International Admissions, International Marketing, UKVI Compliance, and Adjudication teams.
Aside from his roles at the University, Jon has spent time living in China, working in radio, and serving as Honorary Research Associate with the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service working on the intersection between philosophy, anthropology and psychiatric medicine.

Eimantas Bosas, Partnerships Analyst

Eimantas is responsible for developing and imbedding an evaluation framework and establishing a programme of cohesive evaluation and monitoring activity across the various strands of Centre for Academic Partnerships as well as providing data and statistical analysis in support of various on-going or planned projects. Moreover, he is responsible for gathering data from various internal and external sources and providing the statistical findings to CAP senior management for future planning and evaluation.

Richard Miller, Partnerships Contracts and Compliance Manager

Richard has worked for the University since 2012, originally as part of the Finance team in a Central Management Accountant role. Within the Centre for Academic Partnerships team, he manages the contracts and compliance for both UK and International partners. This post involves the operational management of partnership contracts, student numbers, fee reconciliations and invoicing.

The Account Managers are the single point of contact between the Centre for Academic Partnerships and the University's partners. They are responsible for developing and sustaining the relationship between the partner and the various functions that support the partnership both centrally and in the academic faculties. As such, the Centre' s team of Account Managers is pivotal to the success of both the business development of the University's partnerships and the running of their day-to-day operations. The Centre for Academic Partnerships' team of Account Managers come from a wide variety of backgrounds including academia, the further education sector, and private business, but they all share one thing in common - a passion for ensuring their partners' students receive the best possible experience.

Laura Beagle - Collaborative Partnerships Manager

Laura leads the collaborative partnerships administration team that works on a range of academic courses operating at our international partners. The team, based in the Centre for Academic Partnerships in Luton, is responsible for administrative processes associated with students studying at our international partners.

Collaborative Partnerships Officers

Our Collaborative Partnerships Officers are each responsible for the administration of an assigned group of courses operating at the international partners. They manage the team of administrators associated with these courses, undertaking administrative duties relating to the admission, registration, assessment mark entry, progression and awarding of students at these partners, working closely with relevant staff across the University and at the partners, to provide high quality administrative support.

Jess Goddard - Collaborative Partnerships Officer

Jess leads the team that provides support for courses operating at international institutions in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Guyana, Jordan, , Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Malta Mauritius and Trinidad.

Karen Kerr - Collaborative Partnerships Officer

Karen oversees admissions and leads the team that provides support for courses operating at international institutions in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Italy, Guyana, Jordan, Egypt and Spain.

Lusi Seru - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International Admissions)

Lusi undertakes administrative duties relating to the admission of students to courses operating at our international partners. Her work includes processing applications and offer letters, considering equivalent international qualifications and ensuring entry requirements are met, and the maintenance of student databases.

Collaborative Partnerships Administrators (International)

Our Collaborative Partnerships Administrators (International) perform a range of duties for nominated partners and courses which include: registration, course related and assessment administration, processing enquiries from the partner(s) and within the University, examination and assessment administration, and the maintenance of student databases, including unit information leading to progression and award decisions.

Amna Ashraf - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International)

Amna provides support for courses operating within Accounting, Business, Law and Human Resources at partner institutions in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Jordan and Trinidad.

Aminur Rahman - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International)

Aminur provides support for courses operating within Computer Science, Health and Education at partner institutions in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Italy, Guyana and Jordan.

Manprit Marvaha - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International)

Manprit provides support for courses operating within Law, Business and Health at partner institutions in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Rozina Mohammed - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International)

Rozina provides support for courses operating within Creative Arts and Education at a partner institution in Cairo, Egypt.

Harry Sutton - Collaborative Partnerships Administrator (International)

Harry provides support for courses operating within Business Administration at partner institutions in Trinidad, Mauritius, Maldives, Jordan, Guyana, Malta, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


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