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Visitors to the University of Bedfordshire who cannot access the eduroam Wi-Fi service can connect to a service specifically for guests using two Wi-Fi services - Guest-Registration then Guest-UoB.

General advice is given below. Specific instructions for some devices or operating systems are available from the left-hand menu (e.g. Windows 7).

Register first using 'Guest-Registration'

  • Connect to the 'Guest Registration' Wi-Fi service
  • Run your browser and visit any website to see the registration form
  • Read any information or terms and conditions before continuing
  • On the Registration page, complete the form and click the Register button
  • Make a note of the unique 10-digit access code

Login using your access code to 'Guest-UoB'

  • Connect to the ‘Guest-UoB’ Wi-Fi service
  • Enter the code when asked
  • You're now connected to 'Guest-UoB'
  • The code must be used as soon as possible and is then valid for 3 days from the day it is generated until midnight on the third day

If any guest requires access for longer than 3 days, approach any University reception desk and let them know.

Please 'delete' or 'forget' the Guest-UoB connection after the code expires, so your device doesn't try and re-use it in future.

If you still need to use 'Guest-UoB', register again as described above.

Bedfordshire University

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