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Develop your journalism skills

Studying journalism with us means you have the chance to produce and learn your craft in the written word; produce news for radio and television and digital, from the very start to the very end of your degree.

You will learn from experienced journalists, who will help you hone your craft, some of who are now also academics, researching how the industry is changing right now – and how you need to respond, making you better still.

How do you use Twitter as a live news feed? What do you do when that politician lies continuously on Facebook? We can equip you for the challenge.


Journalism facilities

From the very start of your degree, you can write for our groundbreaking online student magazine, Focus, learning to write everything from news, features, reviews, views and match reports.

Also from the get-go, you can broadcast on our award-winning community radio station, RadioLab or broadcast online on BedsTV

Using our latest mobile journalism kits and smartphones, you can also produce content for digital audiences on our public facing website "UOB Today"

Our professional practice "NewsDays" are an exciting, adrenaline-filled opportunity to make live news programming in our up to date multimedia newsroom right here at the University.

Guest editors from industry will guide you as you learn to shoot, edit and write for television in a professional environment keeping to deadlines and observing all the journalistic codes of conduct.

In May 2017 Paul Rowinski, one of our senior lecturers in journalism won the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award for the whole of the faculty.

In 2019 Mary Ferguson, Tutor in Broadcast and Digital Media won Outstanding use of Technology in Support of Learning & Teaching at the Vice Chancellors Student Experience Awards.

In December 2020, Senior Tutor in Radio & Audio, Terry Lee, won GOLD for Best Podcast in the Community Radio Awards. The winning podcast series was Primrose and Terry: in the shed – which he co-presents with his seven year old daughter. It is available on all podcast apps. Read more on the success of the Podcast series.

As a journalism graduate of the School of Culture and Communications you will join a growing band of former students who have gone on to have successful careers in the creative industries.

Joe Flemmons, Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)

After securing a role at Capital Birmingham while still a student, Joe then progressed to present the coveted Friday night show on Capital FM broadcasting across the UK.

"It's a real dream come true to be given my own slot on the Capital network broadcasting across the UK, especially on a Friday night which has such importance in setting the mood for the entire weekend” said Joe.

"I still have to pinch myself when I look at all the names of presenters I've loved, listened too and learned from for a long time now alongside my name on the schedule, it's such a massive honour.” Read more about how Joe is rising through the ranks of the radio world

Laura Conder BA Broadcast Journalism

"I feel incredibly honoured to have won an award for ‘Best Journalistic Programming’ at the Student Radio Awards. As I was doing an investigative piece on why smugglers were turning to people smuggling, I decided radio was a better choice than a TV documentary as it’s far easier to disguise a voice than a face.

“Producing an investigative documentary during the lockdown was also very trying, so I’m feeling very pleased with how it turned out. I was so lucky to have the fantastic support of all the Journalism team at the University, particularly Dr Paul Rowinski and Terry Lee.”

Mark Kirwan, International Journalism MA

Mark is Content Writer for a business-to-business marketing company.

"With a flexible course structure which incorporates modern-day relevant examples, the International Journalism (MA) is the ideal mixture of theoretical and practical necessary for the modern day journalist. Combine this with a critical analysis of pan-European institutes and global corporations and you achieve the level of thinking required to challenge in such a competitive industry. Give yourself the edge, be a Master of the Art, study International Journalism. "

Emily Knott, Broadcast Journalism BA (Hons)

Emily Knott

In 2015 Emily was shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blogger of the Year award for her beauty tips blog

Emily still runs her blog and also works for the MailOnline's marketing department.

Samuel Holden, International Journalism MA

Samuel is a reporter for international news agency, Reuters.

"This course gives you the knowledge and the confidence to embrace a breadth of important and challenging subjects, and communicate these across a range of platforms to an international audience."

Jack White, Magazine Journalism BA (Hons)

Jack is acting Deputy News Editor at Now magazine. Jack White knows the importance of doing work experience and how to land that dream job: "Aside from the obvious reporting skills and ambition needed to make it in this industry, it’s definitely important to make and maintain contacts. People I met during work experience in 2014 while I was at uni have been huge help when applying for paid jobs and this year – after the recommendation of someone I interned for – I was made acting Deputy News Editor at Now magazine."

Inês Linhares Dias

Inês is now a reporter at the Portuguese language International news agency, LUSA. She graduated with a Distinction for her studies on the MA in International Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire. Inês won the award for the most consistent academic performance on her master’s at the University of Bedfordshire.

Dami Olonisakin

Dami graduated in journalism at the University of Bedfordshire in 2014 and won the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in 2015 for Simply Oloni, her relationship website. Since March, 2019 she has been a presenter on BBC 3, with her own show, My Mate’s A Bad Date.

Stephen Matthews

Stephen graduated in Sports Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire – and is now an award-winning medical journalist and Health Editor for the Daily Mail online.

Conor Mummery

Conor graduated in Sports Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire and has been Sport Social Editor at The Mirror since 2017.

Liam Andrews

Liam graduated in Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire and after working as a social media editor for various websites, became the Communications Officer for Milton Keynes MP, Ben Everitt, in January, 2020.

Daniel Jones

Daniel has a simple, clear ambition: to have the best pro-wrestling radio show in the world. He has been running Rock Bottom Radio since graduating in Sports Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire, in 2017.

George Negas

George is an accomplished video journalist, who is currently deputy foreign news editor at Sky news and also works for the international news agency, Reuters. He attained a first class honours degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Bedfordshire in 2013.

BJTC Vote 2017

The University of Bedfordshire’s journalism team proposed and organised, through the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, the collaboration of 13 universities reporting the general election of 2017.

Bedfordshire students from across our journalism courses, from first years to postgraduate students, planned, produced and presented the overnight programme as well as joining students from other universities reporting from the counts.

General Election 2015

Paul has a real passion for teaching and for driving his students to achieve their true potential. As Course Leader and my Supervisor when I studied MA International Journalism, Paul taught me a lot about something I had little interest in before studying for my MA - European and Global journalism practices. While focusing on teaching us skills and knowledge that would be essential in practising journalism today, Paul made the course really enjoyable by allowing myself and my peers to explore our own interest areas for our research and for our projects. He was always very supportive and open to my new ideas. Paul was very accommodating when I requested to work on practical project instead of writing a dissertation as I had done during my BA course. Paul always made the time to provide academic support and he encouraged myself and my peers to get involved in activities outside of our course that would fuel further knowledge and inspiration. He kept us well-informed of any events such as conferences or media organisations that we could visit. I really enjoyed studying for my MA in International Journalism and having Paul has my lecturer was part of the reason why.

Ayesha Hafiz, Digital and Brand Marketing Specialist. Author of


Few people have the opportunity to study underneath a lecturer who is also a coach and mentor - but that was my experience with Paul. During all four years of academic study, I had the privilege of Paul's tutorage, throughout which time he educated and taught in a manner that it was impossible not to resonate with. I was always captivated by Paul's vested interest in journalism and the way he could ignite an investigative fire no matter the room he was in - even in situations where initially people had unyielding points of view, Paul could make them dig a little deeper into the nuance of the subject, often changing opinions as he went. Over the years, Paul became a role model, one with the highest level of journalistic integrity.

Mark Kirwan. Copywriter at McDonald Butler Associates


In Paul I met a teacher that is truly invested in his students and that makes sure that we leave his course with a set of tools that will equip us to face the professional world. Having had the opportunity to study under Paul’s guidance as a student of the MA in International Journalism at the University of Bedfordshire has certainly enriched my academic experience. Not only was he an excellent teacher, as he was a great course leader, who strived to attain the course's objectives, while he was also invested in adapting the journey to our needs. It is not often that one finds a teacher that is willing to hear the students and adapt the contents to their needs, and Paul was always concerned about our opinions. Having the humbleness to listen and adjust is just one of the things that make Paul a great course leader and a great teacher. Having had a very rich experience both as a journalist as an academic, Paul's knowledge, theoretical and empirical, was always used to guide us and counsel us in the best way possible. When analysing current affairs, his academic knowledge, which would span from communication theory to sociology to history or even economics, was always put to use to help us understand the bigger picture. His experience as a journalist, on the other hand, often served as example of how to see the story that nobody else has seen and how to pursue it. The combination of academic and practical journalistic work was a flag banner of Paul's vision for the course, and it certainly was what led me to choose this MA in the first place. Paul made sure that our experience at University of Bedfordshire was as rich as it could be, and kept suggesting us to get involved in several different activities, from languages courses to the University’s award-winning community radio, RabioLab, or making the connection with BedsTV, with whom we worked on a few occasions. He has also made possible several important experiences such as interviewing Daily Mail’s columnist Andrew Pierce or former education minister Lord David Willets. As the advisor on my Master's dissertation, I was struck by the balance that Paul found in providing me with good guidance and advice, whilst giving me the autonomy and confidence to draw and pursue the design that I saw fit for my investigation. This approach contributed immensely to my success in my Master's degree.

Ines Linhares Dias, Reporter. LUSA Portuguese international news agency