Strategy & Management


Dr Kellie Vincent Head of Department of Strategy and Management

  • Dr Stephen Barber Principal Lecturer and Director of MBA
  • Dr Yongmei Bentley Principal Lecturer in Logistics
  • Dr Teslim Bukoye Senior Lecturer and Coordinator for MSc Project Management
  • Katharine Brymer, Senior Lecturer Project Management
  • Dr Guangming Cao Principal Lecturer Business Systems
  • Professor Yanqing Duan Professor of Information Systems
  • David Greenshields, Senior Tutor in Business and Management
  • Dr Mary Finnegan, Senior Tutor in Strategic Management
  • Dr Jasmine Hajreza Tehrani, Lecturer in Business Systems and Project Management
  • Jane Hooper Senior Tutor in Business and Management
  • Thor Ingvarsson, Senior Tutor in Business Management (London)
  • Mike Kennedy Principal Tutor Business Systems
  • Dr Mohammed Kishk, Senior Lecturer in Project Management
  • Dr Nasrullah Khilji Senior Lecturer in Project Management
  • Dr Alexander Kofinas Principal Lecturer in Business Systems and Strategy
  • Dr Golda Komanapalli, Lecturer in Operations Management
  • Dr Banita Lal, Senior Lecturer in Business Management
  • Eliot Lloyd Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Course Coordinator for BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • Dr Pauline Loewenberger Senior Lecturer in Management and Business Systems and Full-time MBA Course Manager
  • Dr Carmel McGowan, Senior Tutor in Business Systems
  • Dr Steve McPeake, Senior Tutor in Business Management (Birmingham)
  • Dr Rodolphe Ocler Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy
  • Balal Qayum, Lecturer in Operations Management and Project Management
  • Professor Ramakrishnan Ramanathan Professor of Operations Management
  • Diane Richardson Principal Lecturer Business Systems
  • Anjali Shegunshi, Learning Development Manager
  • Shamim Warwick Senior Lecturer in Business Systems
  • Dr Sarah Williams Lecturer in Business Strategy or Organisational Behaviour
  • Patricia Wilson, Senior Tutor Business Systems

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Huma Kiani
Faculty Executive Administrator
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