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Graduate Success

It's great to celebrate the achievements of our students.
The University is very proud of its graduates and looks forward to their continued success!

Zaheed Elahi - Technical Support Engineer

Zaheed Elahi

I completed my master's degree in Electronic Engineering with Distinction and received the 'Best Overall Student of the Department' award in 2015. It was a major milestone in my life and something that I am certainly very proud of. I had the opportunity to work on some cutting edge projects with industry leaders and on very high-tech equipment that the University had provided. I come from an Aerospace Engineering background and I really wanted to specialise in control systems and the automation side of things so pursuing Electronic Engineering at graduate level was the definite path for me.

Zaheed at work - standing in front of jet engine

It is absolutely mind blowing to see how a lot of things I learned in the classroom come to my help in flight training and has put me head and shoulders above other candidates in this field. Zaheed Elahi

Zaheed in cockpit

Currently, I am based in Toronto, Canada and I am working in the aviation industry as a Technical Support Engineer for Sunwing Airlines Inc. We support the air frame, avionics and structural configuration for a fleet of 45 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation and 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Having in-depth knowledge acquired at the University of Bedfordshire has provided me with the confidence to develop and support the work for teams of aircraft maintenance mechanics. As well, the managerial skills learnt through Professional Project Management courses have been instrumental in establishing me as a leader in our department. I am very thankful for the training and knowledge provided by the University, and I know that passion for what you do, combined with persistence, great training, and timely supervision, will pave the way for a bright future!

Zaheed piloting plane

I am very pleased to say that I am working towards getting my Airline Transport Pilot's license on the weekends - something that has been a dream of mine for a long time.

I want to thank all my teachers, project supervisors, lab assistants and coordinators who from the day of enrollment took care of us and treated every student with respect. I hope to one day represent the University of Bedfordshire on larger platforms and be a true ambassador.

Usman Ali - Software Engineer

Usman Ali

I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Drax Technology based in Letchworth. I graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Software Engineering in 2017 and started working straight away at Drax Technology.

I was keen after graduation to pursue my Master’s Degree. I was eligible for a 50% discount due to achieving a first class honours degree, and hence, I decided to do the Master’s degree by research on a part-time basis, whilst also working. My Master’s project involves applying machine learning algorithms to solve problems.

I feel really delighted about where I am today, a lot of the credit goes to the University of Bedfordshire which has enabled me to gain technical skills also skills such as communication, problem solving and team working during my studies at the University. Usman Ali

I am working on the development of mobile and web application products for Drax Technology which are being used by many customers on a large scale. My day to day work involves working on code writing, debugging and testing. Also, meetings with clients to discuss requirements for products, training and development courses. I also liaise with other software partner companies for Drax.

Dr Tess Crosbie - Lecturer

Tess Crosbie

I came to the University of Bedfordshire in 2005 to do a part-time Master’s. At the time I had a part-time job in a family firm but had spent the past 15 years mostly as a stay-at-home mum with four children. While that in itself is a rewarding job, there are only so many episodes of ‘Blue’s Clues’ you can watch before you start to doubt your own sanity so in an effort to find out if my brain still worked, I signed up for the course. I chose to do Applied Computing and IT because I knew it would be a challenge; my first degree had been in English and European Literature but computers interested me and the course was specially designed for those without a Computer Science background.

Tess Crosbie giving a presentation in Majan

There had been many changes since my first degree back in the early 80s, not least the advent of the internet which totally transformed the way education is delivered. Instead of hours in a dim library, all the information was available on my laptop.

With the help of some outstanding teachers, I was awarded a Distinction in 2008. The following year I was asked to do a presentation to some current students on some of the aspects of my thesis which went well and I really enjoyed (I think the students did, too). I was invited to do some teaching on that unit and from then on I ended up accepting more and more teaching and, deciding that a career as an academic was what I really wanted to do, embarked on a PhD that was awarded in 2017 and joined the staff as a full-time lecturer in 2016.

My studies at the University of Bedfordshire truly transformed my life. I never planned to go into teaching but I have found a job I really love, some really good friends I get to work with and a stream of new students who never fail to impress and amaze me. Every day brings something new. Dr Tess Crosbie

Judith Larsen - College Lecturer

Judith Larsen

Judith completed a full-time Foundation Degree in IT Networking and Security at Bedford College in 2009 and then went on to top this up to a BSc (Hons) in Network Management at the University of Bedfordshire. She also gained a PGCE at the University of Bedfordshire. She now works at a Computing Lecturer at Bedford College and uses the knowledge and skills gained during her studies to teach networking to Level 3 students.

The BSc in Network Management course was very practical and that itself was an interesting way to learn and consolidate knowledge. I now use my experience of learning using practicals to teach my own students networking. I used the Cisco platform for a lot of my teaching and through this gained contacts into Cisco’s Skills Show competitions. We hosted a Skills Show regional competition at the college five years ago, and every year since we have seen at least one Bedford College student compete in the national finals at the NEC in Birmingham. Some of these students have progressed to completing the degree in networking at the University of Bedfordshire. Judith Larsen

Judith went on to say, “In recognition of the work I do in supporting Bedford College’s students to gain practical work skills in the field of networking, I won the TES Teacher of the Year award in 2017.”

Lukasz Kaleta - Software Developer

Lukasz Kaleta

What I really liked about studying Computer Science at the University of Bedfordshire is the practical aspect of the course - students are encouraged to explore the topics and work in groups to expand their knowledge. The university is very supportive for students and offers advice and various career opportunities. During my first year I was involved in organising sessions for High School and College students where we taught programming in Java, robotics (RoboCode), electronics and Scratch game design. Later on, I started my journey as a PAL Leader to help others with their studies. In my free time I’ve given lectures on various topics such as software development, web technologies and blockchain. I also took part in hackathons, volunteered in conferences and organised Google Hash Code hackathon.

The facilities at the University of Bedfordshire are modern and equipped with up to date hardware and software. It’s great to see that the university is continuing to grow with new facilities to improve the student experience. Lukasz Kaleta

During my second year I got involved in the anti-cyber harassment project – CybHApp, at the National Centre for Cyberstalking Research (NCCR) that gave me an invaluable opportunity to put my skills to the test. This was a real challenge for me to gather all my knowledge regarding software development, system administration, computer security and more to build this system from the ground-up. It was a great success for everyone involved and we were even featured in “Victoria Derbyshire” on BBC.

My final year project “Virtual Reality Electronics Lab” was a great success and seeing that many people excited about the future of technology and what we can accomplish was an amazing experience for me. During my final year I have received a lot of career opportunities and I was able to secure a position in the industry. I'm currently working as a Software Developer in London at Novicell UK.

Scott Dewson - Graduate Scheme

Scott Dewson

In 2016 Scott Dewson graduated from the University of Bedfordshire where he studied Computer Security and Forensics. Since graduating Scott has joined the IT Security team at the Japanese investment bank Nomura on their graduate scheme. Since joining Scott has expanded upon his knowledge gained from the University in the areas on incident response and forensic analysis by utilising the training provided by the company. Using the technical skills gained from his degree he has gone on to assist in the creation of an initial incident response team, assist with the running of red team scenarios and manage the deployment of a global endpoint protection system; along with the day to day running of the IT Security team.

Without the skills I was taught at the University, both admin and technical, I would not be in the position I am today to be able to make the improvements to the team and company security posture that I currently undertake. Some of the work I did whilst at University has directly influenced the way we do our incident reporting and recording as well as our initial forensics triage. The opportunity to become familiar with industry standard software and techniques whilst at University was invaluable in giving me a running start when I first joined the team. Scott Dewson

Piotr Bryla - Application Engineer

Piotr Bryla

Piotr Bryla studied BSc Software Engineering and graduated with a 1st class honours degree in 2018. He now works as an application engineer at Imagination Technologies (Kings Langley, UK), a company that designs GPU chips for Apple.

Whilst on holiday, I was engaged in project and was trying to co-fund a start-up company. Since my 2nd year I was working on a multi-million pound project together with a group of highly skilled professionals at the University’s research institute, the National Centre for Cyberstalking Research (NCCR) under the leadership of Dr Emma Short. A few months before my graduation I received a dream job offer from Imagination Technologies

In my first year at the University of Bedfordshire, I was recognised as an individual with a passion for programming and I was always helping other students with their Java assignments. During my studies I organised a hackathon hub with partners Google and was one of the students in the winning team of TUI Group Hackathon 2.0. Piotr Bryla

Darlington Chikanya - Information Security Analyst

Darlington Chikanya

I am currently on the TUI IT Leadership Graduate Scheme; placed in an Information Security Analyst role The Leadership Graduate Scheme is brilliant because it allows you to try multiple roles over the space of 2 years, and in that time, decide what works for you career wise.

I studied Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University. Besides the well taught hard skills of software development, I gained a lot of transferrable soft skills which have allowed me to adapt to the varying roles I have taken on while on the graduate scheme.

Studying Computer Science and Software Engineering equipped me with the technical skills and knowledge I needed for my career path. I am working towards becoming a Business Analyst and the leadership, analytical, relationship management and communication skills (to name a few) I gained at the University have been really helpful thus far. I recommend really taking advantage of what your course and the University at large has to offer.

Darlington Chikanya

Phil - Cyber Defence Analyst

After graduating from BSc Computer Security and Forensics, Phil quickly found employment working in IT security for a multinational, private sector organisation. Recalling his experience at Bedfordshire he said:

My degree provided me with a great deal of the knowledge, understanding and the practical skills I needed to embark on a career in computer security. The support I received from academic staff, technical demonstrators and the careers team alike was second to none. My lecturers were passionate about their respective subjects and their enthusiasm made lectures a pleasure to attend.


He added: "So much of what I learned during my studies has been applicable in the workplace. Perhaps most importantly, it gave me the problem-solving and research skills necessary to work in such a fast-paced industry".

The nature of Phil’s work prohibits us from giving the company name or his last name.

Peter Wilsher - Technician Demonstrator

Peter Wilsher

Peter, who graduated in 2016, with a 1st Class honours degree in Computer Games Development from the University of Bedfordshire, now works as a Technician and Demonstrator at the University.

With a love for games Peter came to further his understanding about how games are created and developed. Peter also created a Society focusing on both recreational and competitive gaming whilst studying.

Upon graduating he decided to have a change of pace and turned to a more hands on approach. He now assists in the teaching of classes as well as maintaining the PCs in the CST labs.

The University has given me the skills and preparation for working in an educational environment. With what I have learned I am able to help lecturers show different skills and approaches to problems in the classroom than what would have not been thought of previously. By being a student first, this has given me insight into helping other students with their studies.

Peter Wilsher
Bedfordshire University

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