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Dr Ghazanfar Ali Safdar

Senior Lecturer in Computer Networking

Dr Ghazanfar Ali Safdar

Ghazanfar Ali Safdar received a BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan in 1997. He subsequently received M.Eng in Computer Science and Telecommunications from University of Technology, Grenoble, France in 2001.

He was awarded a PhD from Queen's University Belfast, UK in 2005 for his work in the area of power-saving MAC protocols for the IEEE 802.11 family of wireless LANs.

He then worked from 2005-2008 with the same university as a Research Fellow involved in the security and authentication protocols for wireless networks.

Ghazanfar Ali is currently working as a lecturer in Computer Networking at University of Bedfordshire. He has also worked as R & D engineer with Carrier Telephone Industries (SIEMENS), Pakistan and Schlumberger, France

Research Interests

  • Development and performance analysis of low power MAC protocols for wireless networks
  • Security and authentication protocols
  • Network modelling and performance analysis
  • QoS and scheduling in Networks
  • OPNET, Network Simulation
  • Next generation Cognitive radio networks

Teaching Interests

  • Computer Networking
  • Mobile and wireless Communication
  • Pervasive and mobile computing
  • Network Security
  • Ad hoc and sensor networks


Journal Paper(s)

  • G.A. Safdar & M. O’Neill, “A Novel Common Control Channel Security Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks”, International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems (IJAACS - Special issue on Cognitive Radio Networks”, 2009
  • G.A. Safdar & M. O’Neill, “Performance analysis of Novel Randomly shifted Certification authority authentication Protocol for MANETs”, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, In press, 2009
  • G. A. Safdar & W. G. Scanlon, “Performance analysis of improved IEEE 802.11 infrastructure power saving under time correlated channel errors”, International Journal of Wireless Information Networks (IJWIN), Vol. 15, No. 1, pp.36-42, 2008
  • G. A. Safdar & W. G. Scanlon, “Improved Power Saving Medium Access Protocol for IEEE 802.11e QoS enabled wireless Networks”, IET Communications Proceedings, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp.718-725, 2007
  • G. A. Safdar & W. G. Scanlon, “Performance Analysis of an improved power-saving medium access protocol for IEEE 802.11 Point Coordination Function WLAN”, IEE Communications Proceedings, Vol.153, No.5, pp.697-704, 2006

Conference Papers


Dr Ghazanfar Ali Safdar
T: +44(0)1234 400 400 Ext 2183

Bedfordshire University

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