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Dr Marcia Gibson

Lecturer in Computer Science and Technology

Dr Marcia Gibson

Marcia joined the department as a Lecturer in Computer Science and Technology in October 2013 and prior to this (2007-2008 and 2012-2013) worked at the University as a visiting lecturer.

She is a researcher in the Institute for Research in Applicable Computing (IRAC) and is a research fellow of the National Centre for Cyberstalking Research (NCCR), working as part of the technical team.

She was awarded a full scholarship for her PhD via the Steel Memorial Trust PhD Studentship and completed her PhD on the topic of "Inclusive and Secure Design of an Online Authentication system" in 2013.

Marcia obtained an MSc by research in Computer Security in 2007 and gained a BSc (Hons), First class in Computer Science in 2005.

In addition to her academic activities, Marcia has worked commercially as a Web Developer and Accessibility consultant.


Marcia is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) having completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Higher Education (PgCTHE) by portfolio in 2015.

In addition to supervising projects at BSc, MSc and PhD level, she is currently also involved in teaching on the following units:

  • Computer and Network Security (also unit co-ordinator)
  • Content Creation and Design (also unit co-ordinator)
  • Programming for Interactive Media (also unit co-ordinator)
  • Fundamentals of Creative Technologies

Research interests

  • Authentication systems, Cyberstalking , Security, Usability, Accessibility and Privacy.
  • Computer games, immersion and presence, user experience, virtual worlds, virtual and mixed reality.


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  • Akinduko, A., Ariwa, E. and Gibson, M., (2017), A cross cultural investigation into adoption of user controls in cyberstalking protection: A case study of Nigeria and the United Kingdom. In Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH), 2017 Seventh International Conference on (pp. 181-190). IEEE.
  • M. Gibson & A. Brown (2015) ‘The Importance of Controlling Your Online Presence - Understanding and Pre-empting Attacks that use your Public Information’. In E. Short & J. Barnes (Eds.), A Practical Guide to Coping with Cyberstalking (pp. 63-71). Andrews UK.
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Other activities

  • Reviewer for International Journal for Human-Computer Studies.
  • Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security.
  • Co-founder and organiser of BedsHertsBucks++ this is a bi-monthly meet up and networking event for current students, alumni and local individuals and businesses working in the creative technologies.
  • Currently working on a HEFCE funded project tackling hate crime and online harassment on-campus through the NCCR.


Dr Marcia Gibson

Bedfordshire University

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