Dr Marc Conrad

Principal Lecturer - Computing and Information Systems

Dr Marc Conrad is Principal Lecturer for Computing and Information Systems at the University of Bedfordshire. He worked on a number of research projects, many of those cross-disciplinary with Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering and Education. Since 2006 he teaches Information Technology Project Management, both undergraduate and postgraduate and experiments with various teaching approaches including the use of virtual realities. He is proficient in full stack software development and is an experienced Java programmer.

As of July 2022, he has supervised fifteen PhD students to completion. Marc Conrad has authored and co-authored more than seventy peer-reviewed publications in addition to various other publications on the World Wide Web. As part of his research activities he developed a trust propagation model for multi-client systems and a framework for the evaluation of virtual worlds in educational context. He had a major role in a joint project with Bedfordshire Police on cyberharrasment and contributed to the EDISON project, an EU funded initiative to build the Data Science profession.

Marc Conrad is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academic; and member of the BCS, The Chartered Instituted of IT; Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Croatian Mathematical Society.

The private homepage of Marc Conrad can be found under https://dr.marcconrad.com

Teaching Areas

  • Programming Languages, Object Orientation, Event Driven Software Development,
  • Interoperability, Virtual Identity, Version Control, Full Stack Development, Internet Standards and Distributed Architectures.
  • Research Methodologies and Project Management.

Research and Publications

Research Interests

  • Cross-cultural and localized software development
  • Secure application development and gamification.
  • Remote collaborations and virtual reality.
  • New pedagogical approaches teaching Information Technology.
  • Professional approaches in Data Science.
  • Cyclotomic Units.

 Research Projects

  • Impact of Data protection and Privacy on e-Government Adoption (PhD).
  • Cyberharassment: Platform for Evidence Gathering, Assessing Risk & Managing Policing (Police Innovation Fund)
  • Designing an Engaging Learning Universe for Situated Interactions in Virtual Environments (PhD).
  • Adding online B2C features to a traditional B2B SME (Innovation Bridge)
  • Improving production with digital transformation (Productivity Escalator)
  • Review of software upgrade to ensure compliance consistency (Productivity Escalator)
  • Growing a company via cyber essentials certification (ICT Escalator)
  • Integrating new software approaches into retail technology (Innovation Bridge)
  • Migration of critical business processes that require Internet Explorer (Innovation Bridge)


Internal Activities

  • Portfolio Lead for Undergraduate Computing and Engineering
  • Member of the IRAC: Institute for Research in Applicable Computing
  • PhD Supervision, examination and staff mentoring
  • Coordinator for postgraduate and undergraduate units

External Activities

  • Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews and journals: Interactive Learning Environments, Experimental Mathematics, Learning, Media and Technology, Convergence among others.
  • Grant reviewer for Medical Research Council (MRC), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
  • Design, Maintenance and Ownership of the web domains marcconrad.com, perisic.com and sanfoh.com.
  • Program Committee Member of CSEDU (2016-2019) and VS-Games (2013-2016)
  • Invited talks at University of Osijek (Croatia) and University of Exeter
  • PhD Examiner
  • Member of the Trägerkreis UNItopia e.V. - unitopia.de 
  • Main contact of the SHS Foundation (Saarlandbüro) for the United Kingdom - https://www.shsfoundation.de/
  • Contributor to Wikipedia

Contact Details

Dr Marc Conrad
T: +44 (0)1582 743018
W: perisic.com/marc-conrad


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