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Refereed Publications

Dr Marc Conrad

Journal Papers
  • Conrad, M., French, T. (2004) Exploring the synergies between the object-oriented paradigm and mathematics: a java led approach’, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology’, Vol 35, No.5,733-742.
  • Conrad, M., Replogle D. (2003), Nontrivial Galois Module Structure of Cyclotomic Fields Mathematics of Computation 72, 891--899.
  • Conrad, M. (2000), Construction of Bases for the Group of Cyclotomic Units, Journal of Number Theory 81, 1-15
  • Conrad, M. (2000), On explicit Relations between Cyclotomic Numbers, Acta Arithmetica XCIII.1, 67-76
  • Conrad, M. (2000) About the Kernel of the Augmentation of finitely generated Z-modules, Mathematical Communications 5, 61-66
Refereed Conference Papers
  • ‘A gentle transition from Java programming to Web Services using XML-RPC’, Marc Conrad, Tim French, JICC9 ‘Java in the Computing Curricula Conference, London Metropolitan University, in press
  • ‘Object shadowing – a key concept for a modern programming language’, Conrad, M., French, T, Maple, C., ‘2nd Workshop on Object-Oriented Language Engineering for the Post-Java Era : Back to Dynamicity’ at ECOOP, July 2004, 18th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Mathematical use cases lead naturally to Non-Standard Inheritance Relationships, Conrad, M., French, T., Maple, C., Pott, S., Proc. of MASPEGHI (Mechanisms for Specialisation, Inheritance and Generalisation) Workshop at ECOOP 2004, 18th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming.
  • ‘Towards More Trustworthy B2C E-commerce Using a Hybrid Authentication Scheme’,Maple, C., Conrad, M., French, T., Full paper Procs., IADIS International eSociety 2004 Conference, July 2004 Vol. 1, p 134-141, Avila, Portugal. ISBN 972-98947-5-2.
  • ‘Using the synergies between the Object-Oriented paradigm and Mathematics in Joint Mathematics/Computer Science programs’, Conrad, M., and French, T., Poster for ITiCSE049th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, Leeds UK, 28-30 June 2004.
  • ‘A Visual Formalism for Graphical User Interfaces based on State Transition Diagrams’, French, T.,Maple, C.,Conrad, M., Procs. 7th IEEE Int. Conference on Visualisation, London, July 2003.
  • ‘A novel flexible approach to document encryption using an MathML extension to the W3C XML Digital Certificate Standard’, Maple, C., Conrad, M., French, T.,Procs. IADIS Conference eSociety 2003, June 3-6th,Lisbon, Portugal.
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