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English lecturer publishes first poetry collection

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Fri 7th February, 2014

A LECTURER in English Studies at the University has had a collection of his poems published.

Dr Gareth Farmer’s book, titled Pomes, was inspired by the poet, Veronica Forrest-Thomson, on whom Dr Farmer’s PhD was based. His collection focuses on far ranging topics including politics and the environment.

Spurred on by the publication of several short pamphlets over the past decade, Dr Farmer has now published his first book.

“I wrote a short pamphlet of poems in 2013, published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press who then asked me if I had enough material to extend to a book,” said Dr Farmer, who joined the University in 2012.

“Pomes is something I am particularly proud of as it is my first long title, and the book highlights several stages of my poetry career during the last five years.

“According to my publisher, they are selling like hotcakes.”

Released at the end of January, the 91-page book includes 30 poems and two longer passages, but there’s a trio of poems that stand out for Dr Farmer.

The academic and poet added: “There are three poems I am particularly pleased with. ’Rise to Order’ is an ongoing poetic sequence dealing with revolutions and war, while ‘Above Muskegon’ and ‘Humming Herds and Rugged Rabbits at KU’ are about travel, the environment and critical thinking.”

With a formal launch event for Pomes to be held at the University’s Bedford campus later this year, Dr Farmer already has ambitions to produce his next title.

He added: “I am currently writing a poem a day on my blog for 365 days, and by the end of that period I hope to select the best 100 for a second book.”

To purchase a copy of Pomes, which is priced at £8 in the UK and available in paperback, visit

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