Explore Bedfordshire

Fri 16 February, 2024
Hidden gems in Bedfordshire

If you’re tired of popular sites that are packed full of tourists, now could be the perfect time to visit some of Bedfordshire’s undiscovered destinations.

Wed 08 November, 2023
Explore Christmas Markets

UK Christmas markets are a huge part of the holiday season. These festive markets offer a magical escape into the heart of British holiday tradition.

Sun 05 November, 2023
Exploring beyond Bedfordshire

While Bedfordshire offers its share of attractions, it's also an excellent starting point for exploring many of the incredible cities in the UK.

Mon 24 April, 2023
Explore days out in Bedfordshire!

While studying, it’s important to take some time out to unwind, explore new things and discover interesting places on the doorstep of where your campus is. No matter the season, Bedfordshire has some amazing places to visit with friends and family, no matter the occasion!

Wed 08 March, 2023
Explore Arts and Culture in Bedfordshire

Our towns in Bedfordshire are rich in history, culture and diversity, with heritage buildings, gardens, museums, theatres and arts initiatives. In Luton, the Hat Factory Arts Centre has live music, dance, theatre, poetry slams and art exhibitions. In Bedford and MK, catch big-name concerts at Bedford Park and Stadium MK

Fri 10 February, 2023
Explore Sports and Leisure in Bedfordshire

Your student journey isn't just about an education, it's about getting to experience all that Bedfordshire (and beyond) has to offer too. Get enriched in the culture our campus towns have to offer and explore a range of sports and leisure activities.