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From Clearing to presenting ITV Anglia News

Becky Jago

Mon 5th June, 2017

If ITV Anglia newsreader Becky Jago hadn’t gone through Clearing at the University of Bedfordshire, she would never have discovered her passion for journalism and presenting.

Media Performance graduate Becky had always been a keen dancer and performer and had dreamed of becoming an actress her whole life. She was devastated when she didn’t get a place on any of the courses she had applied for when she got her results.

“It was very difficult because I was so focussed on studying drama and music and I was feeling very sorry for myself and I didn’t know what to do next,” said Becky, 41, from Norfolk.

It was a teacher at Becky’s school that mentioned a new course at the University, then known as the University of Luton, which covered all aspects of media performance. After a call to the Clearing hotline followed by an audition, Becky was offered a place in 1994.

“I loved it, the course was fantastic. I found that I was more interested in the writing side of things which I had never considered before. I found I enjoyed interviewing people and the journalistic side of media,” said Becky.

“Because every aspect of media was covered in the course, I had the chance to try out lots of different things and find a niche, which is what I think going to university is all about.”

When she left Bedfordshire in 1997, Becky was offered work experience on Vibe FM. Her experience at university meant she was trusted to take on more duties, including editing, producing and co-presenting.

“Because I had been to university and been on such a varied course, they had more faith in me to give me some really important jobs,” said Becky.

After stints at Anglia Weather and Newsround, Becky can now be found presenting ITV Anglia News, a role she would never have considered had it not been for Bedfordshire.

“For anyone who is facing going through Clearing, I want to say that you will get to where you want to go if you keep pushing. Just take a deep breath and keep trying.”

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