Clearing 2020: An opportunity to change your path

Fri 14 August, 2020
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A graduate who studied both a BA and MA at University of Bedfordshire has shared her experience of Clearing, and has said how it gave her the chance to pursue her dream career.

Following the Covid19 pandemic, many young people have been left feeling uncertain of their future. Some have found themselves thinking about Higher Education for the first time, after plans for travelling, starting apprenticeships and applying for entry-level work have been taken away following lockdown restrictions and the state of the UK economy.

Some school leavers and current students have also found themselves inspired to pursue a different course than originally planned or started, after witnessing the actions of public sector workers and volunteers during Covid19.

As well as helping those who didn’t make the grade in their exams, Clearing also provides opportunities to switch universities or consider a course move. If a student is thinking of changing their course part way through or before they begin their studies, Bedfordshire’s Clearing team will be able to provide support, advice and put applicants in touch with key course lecturers who can help answer subject-specific queries.

Clearing may seem daunting but it’s just another route to succeed in your chosen path.

Leaya joined Bedfordshire through Clearing after realising she wasn’t happy with the course she had originally started studying. Now happily graduated, she said she is very happy with her decision, which saw her complete both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with the University’s School of Media and Performance.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Leaya Anika and I’m 25 years old. At Beds I studied a BA in Media Performance for Film TV and Theatre and an MA in Screen Performance and Communication Techniques. I graduated from my Masters in 2018. Since graduating, I moved to Grenada for 2 years where I became a radio host. I recently returned to the UK where I am currently working on writing pilot and stage scripts.

Why did you decide to go through Clearing?

I have always known that I wanted to be in performance, but when it came to choosing a degree to study I was swayed not to do anything performance related. After spending a year at a university doing a course I didn’t want to study, I finally made the decision to come to Beds (the university I truly wanted to attend) and do the course that I felt was made for me. This was an impulsive move and due to my late decision I had to go through Clearing.

How did you feel on the day you contacted Clearing?

When making my final decision to switch universities I was extremely nervous about making such a big decision. I was so relieved when Bedfordshire’s Clearing team contacted me and told me that I’d been accepted on to the course – I felt that I was getting a shot at my dream career at a university that had been extremely helpful with my transition. During the process I was helped by some wonderful staff who helped to put me more at ease and guided me through everything I had to do.

Are you happy with your choice to come to Beds?

Deciding to come to Beds was one of the best decisions I have made for my career and future. My undergraduate course taught me all the fundamentals of media and performance. My lecturers and peers became my second family and supported me through all the good and challenging times. I felt so at home at Bedfordshire that I decided to carry on with my studies by doing a Masters degree in Screen Performance. This course guided me from being a student to being a professional, with so many industry opportunities throughout.

What advice do you have for students entering Clearing this year?

I would tell future students to go for what they truly want. Clearing may seem daunting, however it is just another route to succeed in your chosen path. Bedfordshire always has time for their students and help in all ways that they are able to.

University of Bedfordshire’s 2020 Clearing campaign continues over the weekend and into early September, with phone lines open daily and live web chat available. The dedicated support team will be on hand to discuss course options, funding, accommodation and queries about ‘blended’ learning and student life.

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