Clearing 2023: It gave me the chance to pursue my career in child nursing

Wed 06 September, 2023
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A 27 year old nursing student has spoken about how Clearing made her journey into the field much smoother.

Up until early October, prospective students can use Clearing to find a place that suits their needs – and the Clearing hotline is for anyone interested in applying this summer, whether they’ve just sat their exams or are deciding to pursue higher education at the last minute.

For more information about applying to the University of Bedfordshire via Clearing visit or call the friendly admissions team on 0300 3300 073.

Children & Young People’s Nursing student, Adijatu, applied to study via the Clearing process and is now about to start her 2nd year. Read all about her journey so far…

My name is Adijatu Mustapha, I am 27 years, currently in my first year studying BSc in Children & Young People’s Nursing. I also work as a healthcare assistant in a mental health trust alongside my studies and course placements.

I applied through clearing because Bedfordshire was the only university that could offer me the opportunity to study Children & Young People’s Nursing, which I have always wanted to study.

My passion for wanting to study this course came about after I took part in some voluntary experience in an early years setting where I worked alongside and observed early years practitioners to support babies and toddlers with their needs. Some of the tasks involved included running risk assessments, changing and feeding them, and organising age-appropriate activities to stimulate their physical health and emotional development.

My Clearing experience was great, as there was always a team ready to support and help me with any information I needed in completing my applications. I found access to information on the website which was helpful and the induction day was also a contributing factor to my experience.

I would say the support is quite remarkable, as communication is very effective. For example, when I was feeling anxious about an exam, I contacted my tutor by email and she responded to me straight away and scheduled a date and time to see me face-to-face which made me feel supported and encouraged.

I would also add that on my first placement experience (before we went into official placement) we had staff nurses and placement educators come to our campus to talk to us one-to-one about what our placement would be like and the support we can get, such as shift timings and the mentors we’d be assigned.

When I started my first placement the nurses on the ward were very supportive and encouraging, they would show me how to do lots of things, such as calculating feeds for the children. Spending time with parents during placement has also been rewarding – just being there for them to talk to helped to make them feel reassured and optimistic about their child’s health.

Tips I would suggest (based on what I do) include making a list of bills and setting reminders on your phone – and try to only buy things you really need.

The support I received from the University has been amazing, especially as I wasn’t eligible for a maintenance loan. But when I explained my situation to my tutor she advised me to reach out to Bedfordshire’s student money advice team, after which I was granted a hardship fund which has supported me financially as (although I have a part-time job) I need to attend placement sessions alongside lectures, so it’s helped me to afford to pay for childcare. It’s a huge support – honestly!

My top tip for creating friendships is having someone to talk to about difficult situations we encounter in placement. When we talk to each other about our experiences it helps to build our resilience and creates friendships. It also helps us be on track with assignments, encourages us to study together, share ideas and socialise in general.

I would say planning is key! With my course – for example – you’re in university 50% and placement 50% so you’ll need to organise yourself in terms of daily activities, and pencil in rest times for yourself because you will need breaks to function and take in learning skills. Also, there is always help available when you need it – just ask!

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For more information about applying to the University of Bedfordshire via Clearing visit or call the friendly admissions team on 0300 3300 073.


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