SiD Student Information Desk, Tel: 0300 300 0042,

The Student Information Desk (SiD) is your first point of contact for all the services listed in the Student Information Directory.

Whatever your question or problem, the SiD team will listen and advise you.

The SiD team has access to a wide range of information and is there to help.

SiD can also perform a variety of services for you:

SiD can accept

  • Access to Learning Fund forms
  • Care Leavers Bursary forms
  • Mitigating Circumstances forms
  • Interruption of studies forms
  • Queries about progress of your HE Bursary 
  • Request to withdraw forms

Two women reading a brochure

SiD will print you a letter

  • Council Tax exemption letter
  • Bank letter
  • Student status letter
  • And many more

SiD will make appointments for you

SiD can

  • Validate student travel applications
  • Deal with TFL Oyster card queries

And much, much more....

Three students round a laptop

The SiD team will listen to your problem and will try to resolve it there and then.

SiD will log your enquiry on SiD Online, and if they can't solve it for you straight away they will keep you updated.

The SiD team has been trained to know about all the services available, and will make sure we put you in touch with the right person.

SiD can also pass the enquiry to the relevant specialist and you will be able to track the progress of the enquiry, and be kept up to date with progress, enabling you to spend your time on your studies.

Whatever the question, whatever support you need, SiD is here to help and if we don't know the answer we will find out.


Luton campus & other campuses
Level 1 & 2, Campus Centre
Luton campus

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Student Information Desk


0300 300 0042

Our phone lines are open:

  • Monday - Friday
    9:00 – 18:00