Mental Health

Personal support for students experiencing mental health difficulties

One in four people experience some sort of mental health difficulty in their life, particularity during stressful times such as starting university or moving away from home. If you feel that you may be experiencing some difficulties with your mental health or have been given a formal diagnosis then the Mental Health Service may be able to help you.

What support can be offered?

  • An initial meeting to determine the most beneficial support for your individual needs
  • One-to-one support in managing your mental health and well-being
  • Support in developing coping strategies to maximise potential and university experiences
  • Advice on Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) and support in applying (UK students only)
  • Access to mentoring through DSA (UK students only)
  • Information, advice and supported access to other services within the university, Beds SU and local community
  • Liaison with mental health services and GP
  • Support during absence caused by ill health and facilitation of a planned return to study.

How do I access support?

If you decide that you would like to talk to someone specifically about you mental health and how it is affecting you at the University, why not make an appointment with the Mental Health Support Team.

Early discussion of the support available to you is ideal but we recognise that disclosure may be difficult. Also your support needs may change over time. We are here to provide support at any point during your time at the University of Bedfordshire. All information about students who access the service is treated in a confidential manner.

If you decide that you would like to talk to someone specifically about you mental health and how it is affecting you at the University, please contact the Mental Health Support Team. We will ask you to complete a registration form prior to offering an appointment to give us an indication of your situation and support needs. Access the registration form here

The Face to Face service is available on the Luton and Bedford campuses. Students not based at these campuses are still welcome to book a face to face session and specify if they would prefer to attend Luton or Bedford.

Remote support can be offered at other sites through either Telephone or Microsoft Teams Appointments. You can access support by emailing us at

If you are unsure if you need this service or if you have a question please email us at and we can advise.

Cancellation Policy

We want to ensure that everyone has fair access to the service. Short notice cancellations and non-attendance have an impact on students who may be waiting for an appointment by lengthening the time they wait to see an advisor.

You have a responsibility to keep appointments you make with mental health support. It is respectful to let us know you can’t keep an appointment or do not wish to continue your appointments.

What should I do if I need to cancel an appointment?

  • If you cannot attend your appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that we can arrange another appointment for you.

What will happen if I don’t cancel at least 24 hours in advance?

  • If you just don't attend an appointment, we will offer one further appointment. On this occasion, we will contact you to re-arrange.
  • If you do not keep a number of consecutive appointments, we may not be able to offer you further appointments.

We do understand that in certain circumstances, you may be unable to let us know in advance. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any difficulties keeping your appointments.



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