The Mitigation Team

The work of the Mitigation Team

The Mitigation team are one half of the SEAM team. This team's main role is to support students through the process of applying for extensions and re-assessments

At the University of Bedfordshire this is called applying for Mitigating Circumstances.

Mitigating Circumstances Applications

Please read the whole message carefully –

Before you apply for mitigating circumstances please insure you do the following:

  • Include your student ID on all emails.
  • Include an application form - Can be found on this page in a MS Word format
  • Ensure you have completed the application form in full. No box should be left blank.

The Mitigation Team is very busy and it is taking longer than 3 working days to respond to emails. Please do not send follow-up emails as this delays us further.

Online security is taken very seriously by the University, we therefore ask all current students emailing and sending attachments to email from their University account. Please also include your student number on all communications with the team.

Alternatively you can safely send your enquiry and any attachments to the Student Information Desk (SID).  View details on how to log an enquiry here

If you are experiencing problems accessing your University email address please email who will be able to advise and help resolve.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


We realise that it can be difficult to get medical appointments for short illnesses or minor
ailments – and the requirement for evidence of these may put undue pressure on health
services - therefore SEAM will accept self-certification but within certain parameters:

  • You can only self-certify up to 7 calendar days
  • Self-certification periods should be at least 4 week apart. This means you cannot a self-certify for 7 days and then self-certify again for the following 7 days
  • You can self-certify up to 3 times within one academic year
  • You can apply for more than one assessment (coursework and/ or exams) that fall
    within a specific period covered by the self-certification

You should not use self-certification to submit ‘just in case’ applications and should only self-certify if your situation meets the criteria for mitigating circumstances.

Full details on the Mitigation Policy can be found here - Mitigation Policy [PDF]

Mitigation for Written Assignments

If you are applying for an extension, we strongly advise that, if you are able to, you continue working on your assignment and submit as soon as possible and within 14 calendar days from the submission date. Do not wait for mitigation approval before submitting.

Please inform your unit co-ordinator that you are in the process of applying for mitigation and that a decision is pending while we await your completed application and find out how to submit your work if your application is approved.

Please note that we cannot award extensions to re-assessments (Referrals) – we can only offer another re-assessment opportunity if your application if approved. As these will be set at the next scheduled opportunity it may impact on your progression onto the next level or delay your graduation by up to a year.

Mitigation for Practical Assessments

We cannot award extensions to practical pieces of work such as Presentations, Placements, Group assignments etc we can only award a re-assessment opportunity if your application is approved. As these are normally set at the next scheduled opportunity it may impact on your progression onto the next level or delay your graduation by up to a year.

Mitigation for Exams

If you have submitted an exam script (including partial submissions), mitigation does not apply and your submission will be still marked. Any mitigation awarded will be invalid.

Applying for Mitigating Circumstances

The University of Bedfordshire appreciates that sometimes unforeseen situations outside of your control may prevent you from carrying out your academic work.

These are referred to as mitigating circumstances.

Mitigating Circumstances Application Criteria

Below is a list of circumstances that the Mitigation team consider to be significant enough to be considered grounds for applying. There is also a list of evidence that is acceptable which should be submitted alongside any application.


Acceptable evidence

1. Serious or extended illness or injury

Medical certificate or GP note signed during the illness or incident with a stated period of refrain.  Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

2. Serious Illness/Injury of a close relative or dependent

Medical certificate or note signed while the illness or incident was affecting the other person and clearly stating the refrain period. Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

Medical certificate or GP note signed and clearly stating the refrain period or support given to the other person(s). This must be during or around the hand in date. Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

3. Bereavement

Copy of a Death Certificate or dated Order of Service

Official letter from a person with whom you have a professional relationship, such as a Counsellor, Faith Leader or GP confirming the impact on you

4. Domestic and/or Personal Problems

Medical certificate or note signed confirming the problem and impact.  Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

Official letter from a person with whom you have a professional relationship (see above)

5. Court Attendance e.g. jury service

Official correspondence from the Court, Tribunal Authority or letter from Solicitor.

6. Work Commitment

Only students studying part-time can apply concerning work commitment issues.

Official letter on headed paper signed by your line manager, or senior stating the increased work pressures, the reasons behind this and the likely duration.  We can also accept emails from an official email address sent directly to from the line manager – we cannot accept forwarded messages 

7. Representing County or Country at Sport

Official letter from the appropriate sporting association or authority that explained why the absence was necessary.

8. Religious Observance

Confirmation from the University Chaplain or Faith Leader that the religious observance is a reasonable one for a member of the faith.

9. Active Exercise of Citizenship e.g. Reserve Forces

Letter from the appropriate association or authority that explained why the absence was necessary.

10. Victim of Crime

Official Police or other investigating authority letter confirming the reported crime and where appropriate, a list of items stolen, such as a laptop or computer.

Medical certificate or GP note signed confirming the incident and impact on you. Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

11. Childbirth or complications during pregnancy

Copy of a birth certificate Medical certificate or note signed confirming complications were affecting the student. Needs to bear Surgery Stamp

12. Other

Other mitigating circumstances that do not fall under any of the criteria defined above.

Please contact as soon as possible so that a member of the team can discuss if your reason for applying can be considered.

Appropriate types of evidence will be communicated to you.

Mitigating Circumstances Form

To apply for Mitigating Circumstances you must complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form [DOCX] and email it to the Mitigation Team at

Important points to consider when applying for mitigating circumstances:
  • For your application to be considered you must apply on or before the submission deadline for the assessment. Applications received after the submission deadline will be considered retrospective and will likely be refused by the team unless significant evidence is provided to justify the late application.
  • The vast majority of illnesses that occur are minor and although you may feel unwell for a couple of days, they are events that rapidly resolve. Such illnesses are a part of everyday life and you must plan your work so that they do not interfere with your studies.
  • Mitigating circumstances cannot be used to strike or remove a submission that has been made - this includes if you have sat an examination or in-class test. The work will need to be marked.
  • You should apply as soon as you know you cannot submit your work on time. It can take up to 2 days to review an application, so if you apply on the date of your submission you are unlikely to get a response before your deadline.
Speak to an Advisor
Unsure about your request or want to talk to someone?

Please contact SiD at or 0300 300 0042 and ask to book an appointment to speak to a Student Engagement Advisor. The team will then find the next available slot and you will be allocated a 30 minute Telephone appointment where you can discuss the process and any concerns you may have.

I am awaiting a mitigation decision, should I submit my work?

You should submit your assessment as soon as it is complete! Keep working on your assessment and submit your work the day you complete it. All extensions will be awarded from the original hand-in date.

Once we receive your completed form and explanation of your circumstances we will normally be able to make a decision within two working days. We will usually email our decision to your student email address.

If you choose to submit work within the submission deadline then no additional mitigation can be applied and your grade will stand.


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