Starting out

University is an exciting new chapter in many people's lives. Studying for a degree will broaden research skills and offer graduates wider employment opportunities and career paths that may not be available to non-graduates.

New students sometimes require additional support in managing their time, as although class time is likely to be less than when they were at school, even first year university students are expected to carry out independent research and further reading totalling 30 hours every week. Therefore we recommend students should not work or undertake more than 15 hours of other commitments per week.

Before they arrive


All students will receive a welcome pack which contains lots of helpful information about their academic studies and support available.

Before arriving, get them to brush up on some key life skills. Knowing how to make a couple of basic food dishes, how to do weekly shop, budget their finances and how to do their laundry will allow them more time to get to know other people.

Arriving at University

When a student goes to university it is often their first prolonged time away from home or sharing space with non-family members. Some students settle quickly. They may keep in touch and let you know that things are going well, or they may contact you less than you'd expect.

This is not the case for everyone. Some students will feel homesick, miss friends, family and familiar comforts. This feeling usually fades as they get used to their new environment and start to make new friends and should not concern you unduly.

For some students though the transition proves more challenging, however, there is support available. Student Support run settling in workshops in the halls of residences during the first couple of weeks and we would encourage all students to attend if they are struggling to settle.

Encouraging them to try new things and to develop new skills can help some students to settle in and meet new people. Beds SU runs a large number of sports teams and societies. More info can be found at

Support for students at the University of Bedfordshire

Our professional teams support students in difficulty:

  • Student Engagement Advisors: Provide confidential and impartial advice on a range of subjects including personal problems, difficulties attending classes or complex problems. They are the team to speak to if you want advice on the best way forward.
  • Community and Faith: Provide pastoral support for students of any faith and none. They also offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to relax and meet new people.
  • Counselling: Professional counselling for students who are experiencing any problems of a personal or emotional nature that may be interfering with academic work and personal life.
  • Mental Health Advisors: One in four people experience some sort of mental health difficulty in their life, particularly during stressful times such as starting university or moving away from home. If a student feels that they may be experiencing some difficulties with their mental health or have been given a formal diagnosis then Mental Health Support can help.
  • Student Money Advice: Student Money Advice team offer confidential financial advice, information and support. For students with money worries, our advisers are able to give general advice on a range of issues and will point students towards possible alternative sources of funding that may be available.
  • Beds SU Welfare and Advice Service: Offers impartial and confidential advice about any problems students may have, whether it's with the University, assignments or exams, estate agents or any health and welfare issues.
  • Personal Academic Tutor: All new students at the University have a personal academic tutor (PAT) in their department who can help with academic difficulties.


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