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Student Finance England – 2021/22 Applications

It’s not too late to apply 

The deadline for new full-time undergraduate student finance applications has now passed, but it’s not too late to apply. Students who apply after the deadline may not receive the full amount they’re entitled to right away. SFE will try and ensure students have some funding in place at the start of their course.

Students can apply even if they do not yet have a confirmed place at university or college. They can use the details of their preferred course and change this information later if they need to.

Postgraduate and part-time undergraduate student finance applications opened on 28th June 2021. SFE information


Students in Clearing

Students should apply now to ensure funding is received as close to term start as possible. Even if you are not certain what course you will be doing, it is best to apply now and update the online application later if needed.

SFE have produced a new guide to help students who are applying during Clearing. This contains useful resources including steps to take to ensure SFE can process applications quickly.

Students who have already applied for funding do not need to take any action unless:

  • SFE ask them to provide evidence
  • your university, college or course details change

If asked for evidence, please provide as soon as possible. If details change, update them on your online account.

Students should use the SFE online account to keep track of applications and view application status.

The EU Settlement Scheme closed on 30th June 2021.

All EU, EEA and Swiss nationals should have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) to be granted either settled or pre-settled status. This will ensure that they satisfy the legal requirement to remain in the UK after 30 June 2021.

From the academic year 2021/22 onwards, SFE will ask new students for evidence of status. Prospective students need to provide a valid EUSS share code as part of their eligibility assessment. This evidence now forms part of students' underlying eligibility to access student support.

SFE are unable to release any tuition or maintenance funds until confirmation of EUSS status. More information about EUSS

NHS Learning Support Fund for 2021/22 opened 1st June 2021

Students should use their online account to keep track of their applications and view their application status.

Students do not need to apply until receiving an email invitation from NHSBSA Student Services team advising to do so.

New students due to begin a course in September or October should register and apply for NHS LSF from 1 June 2021. NHS LSF guide to applying

Further information on NHS LSF

Welcome 2021/22 - Money Saving Tips

Best Student Tips

  • Don't shop on an empty stomach
  • Eat at home - no eating out
  • Buy a water bottle
  • Use your leftovers
  • Share 'BOGOF' offers

Council Tax Rebate 

Following recent publicity in the national news regarding the paying of £150 council tax rebates, please note that students may still be entitled to the rebate even if they aren’t normally liable for paying council tax.

As per the government’s guidance on the eligibility for rebates, “Households are eligible where, on 1 April 2022, they are liable for council tax on a property which is in council tax bands A-D and which they live in as their main home. Where the occupants of a property in bands A - D are exempt from council tax on 1 April 2022, they will also be eligible if the property falls in one of the following classes of exemption: Class N (occupied only by students)".

Most students who will be eligible for the rebate are unlikely to have a direct debit set up with their local council; therefore, the council will contact these students and invite them to make a claim. Claims for the rebate can be processed up until 30 September 2022.


Budgeting Workshops - by Student Money Advice

Get useful tools and guidance on money matters. Budgeting Workshops last a maximum of one hour and cover everything you need to know to manage on a limited income and budget wisely.

Please note Budgeting Workshops are not currently being offered but the planner below can be very useful.

Please read this Health and Safety booklet [PPTX] before attending the Budgeting Workshop.

Topics covered

  • Money management
  • Budgeting and monitoring
  • Money saving tips
  • Spending wisely
  • Income and expenses
  • Budget comparison
  • Planning a budget

This handy Budget Planner [XLSX] must be completed using Microsoft Excel.

  • Please complete the Microsoft Excel Spread sheet fully
  • This digital version has the advantage of performing your calculations for you
  • Divide each full yearly income amount by 12 months for all monthly figures
  • Save and send to or upload and attach to your Access to Learning Fund enquiry via SiD
  • Do not manually input figures.

Also take a look at the Student Money Advice team's Budgeting leaflet [PDF] which contains lots of helpful tips.

Budgeting Workshop Dates - Bedford

Please book onto the Bedford Budgeting Workshop here - No Budgeting Workshops until further notice.

Budgeting Workshop Dates - Luton

Please book on to the Luton Budgeting Workshop here - No Budgeting Workshops until further notice.

If all of your lectures/seminars coincide with the Budgeting Workshop dates, then please email to request a one to one Budgeting Session.*  Not currently available.

*To email either click on the link, which should generate an email, or alternatively please copy the email address and paste into a blank email.

Please state the times you are available. You will then be contacted to arrange a one to one Budgeting Session.


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