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Confirmation of Student Addresses for Academic Year 2019/20

To ensure students are receiving the correct level of Maintenance Loan based on where they are living, Student Finance England will be contacting students by email in the next few weeks asking for further evidence to confirm student address status.

Students who confirm they live away from home are usually entitled to additional Maintenance Loan and Student Finance England will be asking for further evidence as part of this check.

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

All students, especially new students should be on guard about phishing scams as the start of the new term starts. 

  • Do not be tricked into disclosing any financial details.
  • Do not click on links in emails or text messages, as you could be installing malware.

Fraudsters often target students with bogus emails and text messages around the three loan instalment periods in September, January and April. 

Anyone who receives a suspicious email should send it to  who can then investigate the site and take appropriate steps to help protect other students.  For more information and some practical steps to spot a phishing scam, visit

Childcare Grant CCG2 (Period 3)

Student Finance England old system of confirming childcare costs is in the process of winding down.  Student Finance England still need to finalise academic year 2018/19 (period 3) childcare costs for August and September starters and will be sending courtesy text messages to students to remind them to submit their CCG2 for period 3.

Students need to return these completed forms to prevent their childcare grant from being reduced or removed.  You can find CCG2 forms to confirm Academic Year 2018/19 childcare costs at or attend the Student Money Advice drop in.


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