General Facilities and Support

In addition to your individual support from the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA), the University provides general facilities and support for your disability. These include:-

Improved access to the campuses

University of Bedfordshire continues to invest in campus buildings. There is now improved access for students with physical disabilities; for example, there is an increase in disabled toilet facilities and, in some cases, the original toilet facilities have been up-graded to ensure that hoists can be used.

Automatic doors have been installed at main entrances to teaching buildings and disabled car parking provision has been upgraded and new ramps built. Adapted accommodation is now available for students with physical and sensory disabilities.

The libraries at our Luton and Bedford campuses have excellent access facilities for students with disabilities.

Learning Support

Once you have provided us with evidence of your disability, you will meet with your advisor to prepare your Learning and Teaching Support Agreement (L&TSA) which outlines the agreed reasonable adjustments including exam arrangements which you require for your studies. This Agreement, with your permission, will be sent to University staff, who can help to put these adjustments in place.

If you need support with your academic writing, you can use the services of The Learning Development Team: they offer drop-in sessions, 1:1 appointments and a variety of workshops. If you have Dyslexia, you may find The Learning Development Team particularly useful whilst you wait for your DSA-funded support to be put in place.

To book an appointment email

Include the following information in your email:

  • An overview of what you want support with
  • Whether you are requesting a face-to-face or online appointment
  • A list of dates and times you are available (as many as possible)
  • For online appointments, include a copy of any assignment brief, feedback or work you want to discuss in your appointment

Support is also available for you within the library; for example, Text to Speech Software and Mind Mapping Soft-ware are on all computers, and Academic Liaison Librarians are available to help you research your assignment topics.


We encourage you to plan and submit your work in good time in order to meet your deadlines. However, there may be times when, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are unable to meet a deadline. In this situation, please contact your named Disability Advisor before applying. Please be advised that the Disability Advisor will need to send a supporting email to the Mitigation Team, so it is important that you are in open communication with them so they can support you effectively.

We advise you not to become reliant on extensions because work can then pile up and become unmanageable. It is also important to note that you cannot get automatic extensions based on your disability, so please seek advice from your advisor.

Please contact if you need more information.


The Student Engagement team provides general advice and support to students on a wide range of issues that might be impacting on their attendance, ability to submit work and progression on their course. Their focus is on retention and they liaise with other support teams, academic staff and external partners. If you are thinking about interrupting or withdrawing from your studies, contact the Student Engagement Team to book an appointment to discuss your options.


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