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Our Executive MBA is centred on the needs of busy and ambitious business people and gives them the underpinning research knowledge relating to management, innovation and change in a business environment.

We will help you become an innovative and imaginative manager by showing you how to effectively reflect and critically evaluate your own perceptions and knowledge.

  • Be empowered to fulfill your potential and your ambitions as a visionary and courageous leader
  • Acquire the meta skills that allow you to engage with functional expertise more effectively
  • Unleash your leadership potential, develop your flexibility and build your resilience

The course aims to provide an engaging and stimulating environment where you will learn how to:

  • critically assess and demonstrate your knowledge of change issues in organisations
  • make use of the economic, environmental, social and technological matters in context of international developments and corporate governance
  • assess and apply relevant knowledge to a range of complex situations taking account of the development and progression of the markets, customers and stakeholders
  • demonstrate awareness of current issues in business and management including concepts, processes and institutions in the production, marketing and management of goods and/or services
  • understand and synthesise the financing of the business enterprise, the sources, uses and management of finance
  • use accounting for managerial and financial reporting applications
  • effectively develop and manage communication and information technologies for application in business and management in global knowledge-based economy

There is a range of opportunities to choose from once you have completed the Executive MBA


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