Professor to deliver keynote speech at Australian Psychological Society conference

Fri 12 November, 2021
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A leading academic from the University of Bedfordshire is set to speak at a virtual conference centred around the role and contributions of health psychologists during the Covid-19 pandemic, hosted by the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Angel Chater – Professor in Health Psychology and Behaviour Change at the University – has carried out extensive research into psychologically-informed responses to the coronavirus pandemic, such as how best to encourage hand hygiene, physical distancing and vaccination uptake. Also Director of the Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Research (ISPAR), Professor Chater has looked into the impact of Covid-19 on key human behaviours such as physical activity, eating behaviour and alcohol consumption.

Drawing on all of this experience, Professor Chater will address a virtual audience at the APS College of Health Psychologists Conference with a presentation titled ‘The Role of Health Psychology and Health Psychologists in the COVID-19 Response’.

It is the first time the event has taken place since it was held in Adelaide in 2019, before the beginning of the pandemic. The conference is pre-recorded and airs at 10:20pm on Friday 12th November (9:20am on Saturday 13th November in Australia).

Professor Chater commented:

APS“Health Psychology has an important role to play in supporting health and wellbeing in society, and the discipline has shone brightly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 Behavioural Science and Disease Prevention Taskforce that I have been leading on behalf of the British Psychological Society have created a series of guidance documents to help public health officials to understand the complexity of behaviour, the barriers people may face in performing disease prevention behaviours, and how to optimise public health campaigns taking these factors into consideration.

“My talk will highlight this work and the need for further investment in health psychology, nationally and internationally, to ensure that public health programmes are psychologically-informed and that they understand, tailor to and reach the populations that they serve.” 

Associate Professor Simon R. Knowles, Chair of the APS College of Health Psychologists Conference, added: “The coronavirus pandemic has in many ways highlighted the inequities in our society including those around health. The pandemic has also reminded us of the importance of health, and the need to promote and engage in healthy lifestyles.

“Never has there been a more important time for Health Psychologists to utilise our skills to support our community and individuals.”

To find out more and to register for the webinar, visit the APS event page, here.


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