Heatwave advice

Temperatures are on the rise and it’s extremely important for you to stay safe and protected against the heat.

The MET Office has issued a RED warning for extreme heat for the first time, for Monday and Tuesday next week.

Advice for students during the heatwave:

  • Maintain your hydration: Drink cool water regularly throughout the day, topping yourself up as needed. Keep a bottle with you at all times.
  • Take breaks: Between classes or lectures ensure you take rest breaks in shaded areas or in areas where air conditioning is available.
  • Limit your time in the Sun: remain indoors as much as possible and limit your time outdoors in the afternoon when the temperature peaks.
  • Dress for the sun: Wear loose fitting, light in colour clothing that will help you stay cool. · Avoid alcohol and exercise: Avoid doing excessive exercise and drinking alcohol. Alcohol and exercise will both dehydrate you and may make you more likely to suffer heatstroke.
  • Be careful of UV: Wear plenty of high factor suncream whenever you are heading outside, reapplying regularly as needed.
  • Stay healthy: Look out for the signs of heat stroke and other heat related illnesses, the NHS has a helpful page that will let you know the signs and symptoms.
  • Check in: Talk to your friends and family regularly and ensure that they are all dealing well with the heat and are staying safe. Stay safe and follow the tips above to ensure that you are happy and healthy through the heat!


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