Arlyn Muraya - BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies


Why did you choose the University of Bedfordshire?

Location, it is conveniently located close to where I live. 

What has been the most challenging task you have accomplished in your degree?

Being able to stand up and speak in front of an audience without feeling like I am about to faint. 

How does this course prepare you for employment?

Applied Social Studies is great as it prepares you for a wide range of employment in the human services. 

Why would you recommend this course to others?

As mentioned above, this course prepares you for a wide range of human services: therefore one is not limited in what they can do. 

Which practical aspects of the course do you enjoy the most and why?

Although I do not particularly like group work, I see that teamwork is very important in human services which the course has prepared me for.

Were the staff members supportive with your studies?

A good majority of the staff are very supportive.

Apart from studying, what else about university do you enjoy?

Meeting and making friends with fellow mature students.

What do you like most about living and studying in Bedfordshire?

The Luton Campus is very conveniently located near the shopping mall and close to the train station. 

What skills do you think you have learnt as a result of your studies at the University?

Time and self-management skills. I have also developed information literacy skills whereby I am able to gather information from different sources like books, e-books, academic websites, journals and e-journals which have proved essential towards completing assignment tasks. 

Why would you recommend the University of Bedfordshire to others?

The convenience of location of in regards to Luton campus and the guidance provided by tutors.


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