Jane Wanjiru Kamau - BA (Hons) Health and Social Care


Jane Wanjiru KamauWhy did you choose the University of Bedfordshire? 

Because it is based in my home town.

What has been the most challenging task you have accomplished in your degree?

Academic writing in my first year was a challenge as well as the Harvard referencing system.

How did the course prepare you for employment?

It has enhanced my thinking skills, for example, using reflective accounting and being critical in a working environment, i.e. why, how, what, etc.

Why would you recommend this course to others? 

University of Bedfordshire has a multi-cultural setting. The School of Applied Social Studies offers a wide range of subjects that allows you to understand the issues surrounding human services. The teaching is extremely good and well organised with planned timetables meeting the majority of your needs. The tutors are approachable and always willing to support students in order to help them achieve.

Which practical aspects of the course did you enjoy the most and why? 

I enjoyed attending the seminars, which give students the opportunity to share ideas and debate using open dialogue.

What did you like about the facilities? 

The library is open 24 hours a day, which gives students the opportunity to study at any time. The library is very well organised and is stocked with a wide variety of books and reference material.

Were the staff members supportive with your studies?

Support is readily available through emails and one-to-one sessions. I found the whole of the staff team in Applied Social Studies willing to help, and their aim and objective was for the students to perform well. 

Apart from studying, what else about the University did you enjoy?

I enjoyed drinking cappuccino at one of the cafés, which are easily accessible and where the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. 

Which University services did you use most and why?

I spent most of my time in the library, the ICT suite and the Language Centre. I used the services mainly for researching journals and accessing e-books.

Any advice for people thinking of studying at the University of Bedfordshire?

The University has modern facilities, the staff are supportive and the lectures are easy to follow and understand.

What did you like most about living and studying in Bedfordshire?

I like that Luton is a diverse town with a friendly atmosphere.

What skills do you think you have learnt as a result of your studies at the University?

I have become a good listener, I have developed my critical thinking and become more analytical.

Why would you recommend the University of Bedfordshire to others?

I would recommend the University because of the modern facilities and the support, which is available 24 hours a day.

Name one successful thing you have done since finishing your degree?

I have enrolled on a Public Health masters course.

Any other comments?

I have enjoyed being a student at the University of Bedfordshire. The course structure was excellent and support is always available. It is very important to attend all the lectures in order to gain outstanding achievement and results.


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