Paul Hector - BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies


Paul HectorWhy did you choose the University of Bedfordshire?

The University was in the town I lived in and it seemed the best choice as I was still working too. I was working as a volunteer for an organisation called PLIAS Resettlement (PRISON, LIASON, INFORMATION, ADVISORY, SERVICE: PLIAS). If it was not for a wonderful lady called Norma Hoyte encouraging me to come down to the University I do not think I would be where I am today. PLIAS Resettlement is an organisation for people coming out of prison and reintegrating back into the community. That is also the reason why I chose to study at the University as I am a full-time employee at HMP Wormwood Scrubs.

Why did you choose the course BA (Hons) Applied Social Studies?

As most of my employment history was in the social care field, I wanted to combine my work history with a course that would give me more theory and bring everything together.

What has been the most challenging task you have accomplished in your degree?

Getting all the information for my dissertation and making sure that what I put in was correct and relevant.

How did this course prepare you for employment?

The course showed me different elements of working life like the policies, procedures and theories of how different organisations function.

Why would you recommend this course to others?

I would recommend this course to others because of the different elements incorporated in the programme like health and social care, psychology, criminology, child care etc.

Which practical aspects of the course did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed the group participation, having a part to play and contribute to a project and then seeing all the elements coming together to share our findings.

What did you think of the facilities that you used?

I thought they were excellent. I was able to access the library and other areas to do my assignments etc.

How would you rate the support you received from your lecturers?

Absolutely fantastic, they treated us as individuals and gave me the support I needed.

Apart from studying, what else about the University did you enjoy?

Socialising with people from different backgrounds, making new friends and knowing that I was a part of the University, an experience that nobody can take from me.

Any advice for people thinking of studying at the University of Bedfordshire?

If anyone is thinking of studying at the University I would strongly advise them to do it. It will be a once in a lifetime experience which will benefit anyone and it will pay off in the end.

What did you like most about living and studying in Bedfordshire?

Just that I lived, worked and studied in Luton, I had the best of both worlds.

What skills do you think you have learnt as a result of your studies at the University?

I learned about policies and procedures, how the law functions and how to structure reports for future/current employment.

Why did you choose to do your undergraduate course here?

A friend told me to come down to the University and enrol! At first I was in two minds, however going through the experience I would not change it for the world.

What are your future career aspirations, and do you think the University has helped you to achieve this?

My degree gave me a good base for my current career as an advisor for the National Careers Service at HMP Wormwood Scrubs. I have completed a professional qualification since my degree, and it was good to already know that I could study at a higher level. I plan to continue to study and add to my qualifications and see where this leads me in the future.


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