Henry Winsor - Extended Degree, Health & Social Care


Henry Winsor

Why did you choose the University of Bedfordshire? 

Because it was local and I had heard about the excellent teaching that they did there.

What has been the most challenging task you've accomplished in your degree?

The most challenging task for me was in my first year when I did not know anyone and had to start from scratch.

How did the course prepare you for employment?

The course prepared me for work by giving me all the necessary skills that were needed to achieve employment within the field of social science.

Why would you recommend this course to others?

I would recommend this course to others for the excellent teaching skills on the course and the great help the staff offered to me while I was studying.

Which practical aspects of the course did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed the interaction with other students while doing the research projects and putting research together.

What did you like about the facilities?

I like the fact that the facilities were open very late into the evening and that I could pop in at anytime to get on with my work and was able to work at my own pace. There was staff to help me if I got into any difficulties.

Were the staff members supportive with your studies?

All the staff members that were involved in my teaching were excellent. They supported me in everything that I did and more so because when I was studying I had a lot of problems in both my personal and professional life. I also had long term health problems and the staff supported me through all this which enabled me to complete my studies.

Apart from studying, what else about the University did you enjoy?

I enjoyed the local student night life which was a great way to let off steam and relax at the weekend and in the evenings after university.

Which University services did you use most and why?

I used the library most of all because the resources it provides are second to none. It was a great, quiet place to study and to do projects in. The library is also an excellent place to go to work on your own or with friends.

Any advice for people thinking about studying at the University of Bedfordshire?

I would say to anyone wanting to study at the University of Bedfordshire: Go for it! Ask for any help needed from staff because they will help you to achieve your best. 

I would also tell them to enjoy the facilities that the University offers, because they are some of the best I have seen thus far.

What did you like most about living and studying in Bedfordshire?

I like the fact that Bedfordshire is multi-cultural and great for dining out in the evening with cuisine from many parts of the world. Also, Bedfordshire is a great place to live and study in general.

What skills do you think you have learnt as result of your studies at the University?

I have learnt a lot of skills. My communication skills have improved greatly. In addition, I have learnt about evidence based practice which I now use in my current job.

Why would you recommend the University of Bedfordshire to others?

I would recommend the University of Bedfordshire to others for various reasons. Firstly, for the excellent teaching skills. Secondly, the staff and facilities are excellent. Finally, I would recommend the University because of the professionalism of the people who helped me through my studies.  

What has been your career path since finishing your degree?

Since finishing my course, I have been a Child in care Mentor. I am currently employed by Central Bedfordshire Council Children Services as a Senior Social Work Assistant.

What are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities include visiting troubled families checking that the children are looked after in line with council guidelines. Furthermore, I gather information on possible child abuse or neglect, so that action can be taken against the parents where necessary. If need be, children can be taken into care and be protected from harm.

Did the degree contribute to your career path and to landing your current job?

Yes. The course that I took enabled me to get my current job and also made it possible for me to put into practice what I had learnt on the course.

What has been your greatest professional success since finishing your degree?

My biggest professional success since graduation is having obtained my current position within the Central Bedfordshire Council.


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