Anne-Marie Day

Research Assistant in Youth Justice

Anne-Marie Day

I was appointed as a Research Assistant in June 2018 to work on a project funded by the Nuffield Institute on the pathways into and out of custody for children in care. I am currently completing my PhD on the criminalisation of children in care. Prior to this, I worked in Associate Lecturer roles at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester College, and as a Knowledge Exchange Officer at the University of Oxford.

Before my academic career commenced, I worked for many years in the criminal justice system as a Senior Policy Adviser for the Youth Justice Board, Team Manager in a Youth Offending Team, and as a Probation Officer in both custody and the community.


  • Due to complete PhD on the criminalisation of children in care summer 2018, University of Salford.
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice (1st Class) 2004, University of Manchester.
  • LLB (Hons) Law (2:1) 2001, University of Leeds.

Teaching Expertise

  • Criminal Justice System
  • Youth Justice
  • Children in Care

Research Interests

  • The voices and experiences of children in trouble with the law
  • Youth Justice
  • Youth Crime
  • Children in care


  • The pathways of children in care into and out of custody (current)
  • The pathways into offending for children in care (2014 – 2018)

External Roles

  • Member of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice (from 2017)
  • Member of the British Society of Criminology (from 2014)
  • Member of the British Sociological Association (from 2015)


  • Anne-Marie Day, (2017) "Hearing the voice of looked after children: challenging current assumptions and knowledge about pathways into offending", Safer Communities, Vol. 16 Issue: 3, 122-133.
  • Anne-Marie Day, (2017) "Guest editorial", Safer Communities, Vol. 16 Issue: 3, 89-91.

Conference Papers

  • 2015 Costs of Youth Justice Convention, University of Liverpool ‘Ensuring a research informed approach to working with looked after children in the youth justice system.’
  • 2016 North East Crime Research Network Conference ‘Pathways into offending for children in care: early findings.’
  • 2016 Celebrating Research Day, University of Salford ‘What are the perceptions of children in care about their pathways into offending?’
  • 2016 University of Bristol conference on looked after children and research ‘Looked after children and the youth justice system.’
  • 2016 British Society of Criminology Conference ‘Hearing the voices of children in care: some early findings and analysis of their perceptions
    of why they get into trouble with the law.’
  • 2017 Thinking Differently About Youth Justice, University of Leicester ‘Children in care and youth justice: why hearing the voice of the child suggests that we need to think differently.’
  • 2017 Child Friendly Youth Justice?, University of Cambridge ‘Child friendly youth justice for children in care? Why the voice of the child suggests that this is not the case.’

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